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Dropshipper suppliers don't answer
I have called, I have emailed and I have even asked SaleHoo & till this day am still trying to figure this out by myself!!!!! Can you just elaborate on exactly what the issue is you are trying to...
Difficulty dealing with suppliers when new to online selling
I can understand your frustration Norma, it's like chasing the end of never-ending string sometimes. If these are SaleHoo listed suppliers I would still like to have support clarify what the issue is...
【E.P.Light】Competitive, creative, unique, brand new product
Hi Vlen and welcome to the forum. Great to you onboard as an approved supplier for SaleHoo members. I have to say, some seriously cool looking products you've posted there and I'm off to the site to...
How to contact suppliers & how to reply to member queries
Hi Tina, I think the best advice I could give is to treat every inquiry as legitimate, no matter what your suspicion may be. Bad news travels a lot faster than good news in the online business world,...
Trendy camera backpacks - Australian brand
Hi Tina, welcome to the forum and it's nice to have your company onboard as an approved supplier for SaleHoo members to deal with :)
Feedback needed on Albany Distributing
Hi Kelvin and welcome to the forum, The important thing to understand about Drop-shipping is that it isn't Wholesale, which many people believe it to be and often refer to Drop-ship prices as...
Appliances Connection
Hi Norma, There is a difference between Wholesale and Drop-ship suppliers. We have a very strict authentication process to approve suppliers for entry into the SaleHoo Directory. However, we don't...



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