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Droppshipping in EU ?
UK will be a good place to find for dropshipper within eu..it worked for me once.....my advice, if you are a newbie, do with small scale first, try and see how it grows. Dropshipper is quite...
Importing local keyboard for laptops
Hi, I am thinking of importing laptops but I live the country that has beside 24 alphabets, it has also other characters, I'm just wondering if it is possible to import from US and ask the supplier to...
Guys checkout my website
Hi, I don't have any complain about the website, but one question though, why do you use gmail account for contacting you. I mean your selling electronics, and your e-mail account using gmail, making...
any sucess with ecrater.com
I have more or less the same amount of order as stated above, but you don't pay anything for it so you don't loose anything if you put some efforts on it, so for me that is...
Shipping cost and taxes in Holland
Hi, I am not sure whether your this answer applies to you, but for me I use ordinary post, and avoid courier like tnt, dhl, ups or whatever. I never get tax when I use ordinary post, but whenever i...
Autographed photographs with COA - Suppliers?
Hi, I am interested in selling photograph with authentic autograph for all celebrities. It should be with COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Does anybody know how to get that ? Thanks !! For your...
Anyone know a supplier/dropshipper in Europe ?
You can make profits on dropshipping, that is for sure, you just need to find what to sell and from who. I do some dropshipping from UK companies, and uk is eu member, so the buyer does not need to pay...



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