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An open letter to eBay
Have you tried looking in Paypal to find email addresses? ebay doesn't allow email addresses but the transaction in paypal contains the email addresses in the transaction history.
If you sell on Amazon, do you get paid instantly?
No Amazon holds onto the money to make sure there are no returns/claims, etc. They have a disbursement schedule that you can find in the sellercentral panel. Once you have been selling for a while,...
How to deal with PayPal disputes
Sounds to me like someone had a credit card (or just the number) stolen or an account hacked, and then the hacker/thief tried to order a product with it. It's good it was caught in time by both eBay...
Copyright images when listing products for sale
U.S. copyright law states that the one who took the photograph is given copyright protection from the moment the photo is created. This includes digital images. Legally, if you want photos to use,...
Query on PayPal payments
Here is a link to the PayPal user agreement if this helps. https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/ua/u ... ent-full#5 I have been selling on eBay for several years now so I don't recall if there were...
60 years of experience -- new product now packaged for you
Is this considered a hazardous material when shipped?
Made a mistake on the shipping quote for an item
Good job thinking outside the box on the solution. Hopefully that worked out well for you!



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