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Ebay having Financail Problems??
Probably just a way of 'talking down' profit expetations. Ebay going broke? :-) never Not with the popularity and charges they have!
A simple way of checking out spammers: 1. Open up their web site 2. Check for a 'Payment' option (spammers always have one) 3. Check to whom the payment is to be made. (spammers will have the...
tax in australia
If you sell more than $75000 pa, then you need to declare it as a business and need a ABN. Check out: A New Tax System (Goods and Service Tax) Act 1999-section 13-20. It's better to keep it legal,...
Serious Aussie buyers wanted for teaming up to buy in bulk!
Frank-of-Oz here: Very much interested to get a buyer group together. I found that importing from O'seas costs a lot in charges (import duties, charges, etc) Getting stuff from 'Liqiudation.com',...



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