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Resale IDs, State IDs and D&Bs - Do I need them all?
If you are in the States, just go to your home states website and somewhere on that site you will be able to fill out a form for you resell license/tax id. It only takes about 5 minutes to do it. Fees...
Body Jewelry Supplier
I doubt any seller is going to give you their source when selling on ebay. If you would just do a quick google search for the term 'wholesale body jewelry' you will probably turn up a ton of...
www.worldwidebrands.com - worth the $400 membership fee?
WOW, up to 400 dollars now. I paid I think 29 dollars way back when they first started for a lifetime membership. I think the site is hard to navigate and wastes a lot of time when trying to...
New wholesale venture, import or buy liquidated in US?
Liquidated prices are going to be cheaper than wholesale prices even with brand new items...and even if you go directly to the suppliers the best you are going to get is a wholesale price...I would...
Does bulk mailing generate traffic to my site?
I would shy away from that type of driving traffic to your site. Most likely even though it suppose to be targeted prospects, it's probably an outdated list. More importantly it should be an 'opt-in'...
Selling unauthorized runs' clothing on ebay.
Wow, seems to be a lot of guestions on this subject and a lot of speculation, guessing, and probably a bit of frustration too. As some one who has sold quite a bit of designer handbags and clothing...
They have been online since 2006. They have low mininums ($60.) and accept paypal and major credit cards...Seems them mostly carry closeout goods and small dollar store type items...



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