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US Customs confiscated ordered items
Anyone ever not received an ordered item? By this, I do not mean like (the seller) just did not send the items but that US customs took the item. This happened to me awhile ago and thought I'd ask if...
Anything about ?
anybody know anything about ? please post and lemme know thanks! and are they actually based on detroit or are they outside the US because it says detroit on the site but...
Designer Men's Clothing
i have lacoste polo shirts in stock if you are interested.... they are in the u.s. and would be shipped from here paypal is accepted. thank you! Tom prices? pics?
Lacoste Polos
fashion champions i've bought from before with reasonable shipping and everything but the last order i had was held by US customs stating they were counterfeit merchandise and would not be delivered so...
Forum Legit Ipod & PSP Supplier
the only thing with banning her is she can just buy another membership under a different name and try it again
Apple iPods - bottom line prices!
well more importantly are they new or refurbished?



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