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Home Based Businesses - Are they a scam?
It's not easy to find a good dropshipper. Most so called dropshippers sell on ebay also, so they sell the same items you are selling but for the same price you are paying. An actual distributer /...
How to copy a supplier's product listing from their website?
I tried the same thing when I started out, not 100% sure but I don't think it can be done. Let me guess, your suppliers website has buy now buttons, retail prices, etc. and you want to copy and...
How to find the right products to sell on eBay
A good rule of thumb is if you can click on a so called dropshipper site and buy an item without contacting them first to set up an account, they are not a good dropshipper. Any good dropshipper will...
Alternative Auction Sites
Auction site count http://tinyurl.com/hs6q4
eBooks - A good item to sell?
Anyone know how to create an ebook without knowing HTML and all that? Or any suggestions on a way to sell instruction type stuff on ebay.
Ebay Store
Ebay fees are pricey but everyone shops on ebay. Keep an eye on fees and you'll be fine.
Idea for eBay service
Great job, way to be creative. My vote is $4.99-$6.99. I wouldn't charge too little because someone could end up bugging you for a month because they can't figure out how to do what you are telling...



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