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Looking For Someone Experienced In Dropshipping For Advice
I'd get a job ... the guaranteed paycheck is the way to go. Also people are spending less this summer and inflation is rising. I've gone through this process and gave up after 6 months. Also avoid...
What are the most profitable products to sell?
I have all my extra money in silver right now. According to the experts there is 17 times more silver in the world than Gold. if gold is at 900 an ounce then silver would be underpriced at 18 an...
Forum - Feedback
I am an affliate with the site, so I get a discount on my orders for helping draw customers to them. I also am trying to help Salehoo members out by giving a good website to them because I was in the...
trouble with products and what to sell
Hi, I feel the same way! the market is so full with so much of the same thing that you have to fight with your own supplier on these sites for sales of their products. It is sad that big companys...
has ebay dryed up?
Ebay has dried up for me as well. I did well there up until about 3 months ago. Now items I sold easily for $40 or $50 bucks are netting 1/2 that if I'm lucky. I think it's more about the economy. ...
Forum - Feedback
Tommy, not to be too skeptical... (ok I am). sounds like your giving us the keys to your business. You want me to sell shoes on Ebay like you are doing just to help your friend with his dropship...
Forum - Feedback
I'll check them out but tommy why not just say it's your site... ? you pump it like only an owner would, lol ! thanks.



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