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ps3 , xbox 360 , ipods i can supply
Hi All I can currently supply salehoo users with Playstation 3's, Xbox 360's and ipods please email me at **DELETED BY ADMIN** and request a price list thanks.
www.2checkout.com has anyone used them for payment ? urgent
Hi Just wondering if http://www.2checkout.com is a legit company and is safe to make payments urgent reply
Has anyone used www.barginwholesaler.com Urgent reply needed
Hi Just wondering if anyone has used http://www.barginwholesaler.com before as the prices are fairly good and i am going to order from them.
Australian Playstation 3 Wholesaler
Hi All I was in the same position as most looking for a decent supplier of the ps3 i have now found myself one in Australia which is handy for myself being Australian myself i can get them for $800...
Sony.net.cn - has anyone used them before?
http://www.sony.net.cn seems to have some decent pricing but not sure if there legit anyone used before
Anyone used this site? www.asia-product.com
http://www.asia-product.com anyone bought off this site ?
chinese ps3 wholesalers ?
Hi ive noticed that china has the cheapest prices for ps3's but i also no that they can be scammers does anyone no any decent chinese suppliers that have the ps3 or you have dealt with before thanks



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