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Lots of Michael Jackson memorabilia online
Why is it in America if a person is found not guilty they are still condemned ? It is unfortunate that you have had a troubled past wychewes, but you do not know if the man was guilty or not, and...
Forum is a SCAM!!
I had a problem with them a few months ago as well and I stopped using them in Salehoos defense they used to be really good, but they have really went downhill and I think they may have switched...
Complaints have been filed against PPWDG with GA
I would say over 150,000 is a better estimate I know of 3 people alone he owes 30,000 combined to.
Complaints have been filed against PPWDG with GA
I agree with Planes he still has not refunded half the people he owes to nor made an attempt to . That is theft if he would have even attempted to call these people or work with them that would be...
Interesting & informative article on frauds/scams in Utah
Over the past few months many people have fell victim to scams coming out of Utah. I found a very interesting story of how all the Utah companies are all tied in together, and what goes on there. I...
Complaints have been filed against PPWDG with GA
No I was contacted by a couple about 3 mos ago from a different forum that he had stole a couple 1000 from, and I had communicated with them a few times . I had not heard anything back from them for...
Golf items
First I have to end the school so I can't all the time sit here and read. Second I can't create company which would be available to use dropshippers or wholesalers in the USA. Third I didn't find any...



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