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Forum - Anyone used this Aussie Dropshipper
Do they accept paypal? Normally i tend to think... well if they accept paypal and i pay using paypal and dont get my item, Most likely paypal can refund your payment. So i feel abit safer using them.
Forum Trust or not?
Hi, I have been looking at a few sites and found these guys for handbags. i understand their bags are not authentic. They except paypal but they charge a $45 fee, so i was wondering if it was safe to...
Drop Shipping Site
Hi everyone, We are thinking of starting a Drop Shipping Website. We are currently research and would like to know if anybody here has experience with starting a Drop Ship Site, What types of things...
Western Union - Is it good or bad?
I have to say i agree with Jimmy about Paypal. Not that they've ever stolen money from me... yet, But certainly cost me finacial loss by randomly limiting my account and stopping my supplier for...
Forum Legit?
hello all! Does anyone know if these guys are legit? Im doubting there dvd's are authentic but does anyone know or have experience with them? Thanks!
Asian Drop Shipper recommended!
Hi everyone, I've been using these guys for a while( ""). I'm not 100% sure if the DVD's are bootleg or not. I have bought dvd's from these guys for my own...
Anyone Used
Ok thanks. i'll cross those guys of my list :)



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