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Suggestions on a Site to Directly Compete with 'The Bay'
Ebay is not perfect but it is my wholesale supplier where i turn right back around break up the items and sell for a profit on ebay ,,ebay fees are high beause they market better than any other site...
How to make money buying shelf pulls and salvage items?
Why no just buy and sell off of ebay- i have been doing it for going on 4 years now fulltime .. you have to spend a few hours a day searching but well worth it . .. you usually get all the wholesale...
Tired of eBay fees looking on starting my personal store
It is going to depend on what you sell and how long you have had your Ebay store , I have been going full time for 3 years and get too many repeat customers and referals .. My items are deadstock...
Liquidation.com Am I missing something???
I bought 5 different lots off there 2 years ago did decent but it is usually not 'hot' items .... I would suggest you only buy where there is a detailed Manifest of the items- when people do not want...
New free niche tool
Just dont type in what you sell.
Buying liquidated pallets
I did the Flea market gig for 18 months when i first started and said i would wait for one to x out the other between it and ebay.. I had a store style ..Depending on where your at it is not that...
Buying liquidated pallets
The more you have to sell is generally the way your going to make a living in this business. If you cant afford more then a pallet you really don't belong in this industry. You need to have a nice...



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