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All Paypal Users Need to Read this TOPIC !!!
I only use PayPal for very small transactions or to send a payment to a business or person who I trust. I have been receiving credit card payments using for a few years now and it has...
Doba and Worldwide Brands - Feedback?
I signed up with Doba around 07/08 for their so called '7 Day Free Trial' just so I could see and compare their 'wholesale prices' and saw that even Wal-Mart, Target, and many other online stores had...
What is the difference in the copy version and the real version of the PS3? I have a couple of suppliers that say they have them but in two different 'copy' and 'real' version of both hard drive...
Putian Lexiang Plastic Co Ltd?
Is this company legit? Putian Lexiang Plastic Co., Ltd. Mr. Jiandong Xu Xizhu Industrial Park, Gongchen Office, Licheng District, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland) Zip:...
Neteller & Bidpay - are these alternative online payment methods safe?
Letter of credit is an agrrement between your bank and theres. You will talk to your bank about the deal. The bank will send there bank a letter of credit saying that once the shipper has fufilled the...
Looking for a good payment service
I use ProPay, GraphCard, and AlertPay now. I dropped PayPal like a hot potato earlier this month. Besides PayPal and Escrow, I'm looking for a good payment service company that charges low fees for...
Auction Sellers - Please read this!
I'm with you on this, but I'm begining to dislike eBid already. Maybe in the furure eBid will gain me back but as for now, the search continues.



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