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Looking for TMX Elmo Suppliers
I have 3 left that I would be willing to get rid of for $75 each + shipping. Can be single or all pieces. LMK John
Forum - are they legit?
Hey Heraldm, could you email me your Info. (Address/Phone) to I would like to make arrangements to come out to your location. Thanks, John
Forum and JK Perfume - buyer beware!
Yes, I purchased from them. 2 watches, 1 engagement ring and a mens bracelet. the watches look kind of cheap, the Bracelet that I got for 15.00 was a great buy and the Ring for 260.00 was a good buy...
38 Tickle Me Elmo TMX 10th Anniversary Special Edition
I'm still waiting to hear the answers..
Forum - a potentional supplier to work with
I've placed 2 orders so for with hotbuy4u and so far very pleased. Everything was as advertised and you can call them with any questions. First order was for 100.00 and I used PayPay, Second order...
Forum - are they legit?
I have a couple of buyers in New York that i drop-ship Televisions for on Ebay already. So no problem we can drop-ship for you. Direct line to me the owner 516-328-1090. We'll work on the moq's and...
Looking for Pre-Order PS3
I'm looking to pre-purchase PS3(PlayStation 3) with a min. order of 10pcs. Does anyone have a good source for these? I will be using a CC(Amex) for the purchase. Thanks again, John



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