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Amazon to tie up with Swiss Post
Good news for our Swiss members! Amazon has reportedly tied up an agreement with Swiss Post. What this means is a possible custom clearance for Amazon in Switzerland. According to sources, the team...
Register now in order to be an agency of Pufai!
Hi Pufai, Welcome to SaleHoo and to the forum! It's nice to have you on board. :) I hope SaleHoo would be of help in locating more channels for you.
e-Packet shipping from China
Hi producer6, it is still being used these days however not all suppliers employ this shipping method. If this helps, you can check this article - https://www.salehoo.com/blog/what-is-epacket-shipping
Anyone use ePacket to import product from China
Hi producer6, I have no personal experience as well but you can refer to this article that might be of help: https://www.salehoo.com/blog/what-is-epacket-shipping
PayPal in collaboration with Skype
PayPal have recently announced their partnership with Skype. This collaboration allows Skype users to usee PayPal payments. An estimated over 300 million active Skype users in 22 different countries...
PayPal about to launch their Global Sellers Program
PayPal has announced that they will be launching the PayPal Global Sellers. This will be a new service to help small to medium-sized business (SMBs) sell internationally. PayPal Global Sellers aims to...
PayPal to release an update on transferring funds instantly
PayPal announced earlier this week that they are working on a beta program that allows its users to transfer PayPal funds to their bank account instantly. At present, most PayPal to Bank transfers can...



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