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How can I get more sales?
hi :) just afew ideas,doesnt mean to say theyre right lol and please dont take offense. the name really doesnt sound like someone selling electronic goods,just a small thing i know but all these little...
Online store - Why aren't my products selling?
no probs keith :) i think what ever you do you have to make it easy to see and clear in a few brief words,then once the eye is caught ppl will start to read further but make sure any further reading or...
Searching for the Holy Grail of What to Sell!
forget about branded goods,waste of time and there's always someone cheaper or who can price cheaper than you. go for a unique product, nonbranded, retail cheaper but you'll be making a bigger profit...
Online store - Why aren't my products selling?
well im trying to come from a customer point of view,clicking around the net for musical instruments.most ppl click,look,if they cant immediately see anything after a few secs will move to the next.i...



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