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Has anyone bought from this supplier? They offer designer fashion, but I am not surer they are trust worthy and I cant find them on salehoo. Thanks inadvance.
Looking for authorized distributors and wholesalers
Hi,Fudjj I would also like to know about who sales name brand clothes and items like purses, sun glasses. I have checked out devil wear in England but I am in the US. Thanks for any help.
Supplier Wanted • August 04, 2009
The Most Reliable Chinese Wholesalers
Hi, there items authnic? I have dealt with china and did not have good results. Also when I tried to import to america I found out that most things if it is name brand can not be...
Supplier Wanted • August 03, 2009
Has anyone dealt with epath.com?
Hi, I am looking for a good drop shipper of mp4 players. I meant to to epathchina.com. Thank you for your reply have a great day.
Has anyone dealt with epath.com?
Hi everyone, Has anyone dealt with epath.com? I am thinking of doing business with them but I have not read any feed back on them. Thanks in advance.