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Full refund on
I don't understand why someone would need a refund from Salehoo? It more than delievers on it's promise. I guess some people just expect things to fall in their lap. With little to no work?
Listing Removed , But...
Hey everyone, Yes yes and yes... Light in the box sells fake copies of gaming hardware, and bootleg copies of gaming software. Just don't do business with them. In their website the deals look...
How does anyone really make any money?
I would like to throw my two cents in here. But I think fudjj pretty much covered it...LOL. He is always so well spoken. And WBAOYD58 dude.... it says right on Clickbank you have to have a website...
Where are the good suppliers?
Ebay is only going to work if you can buy bulk lots of items wholesale. Then don't expect a huge profit. Also Salehoo only lists the wholesalers. Salehoo is not who your buying from. Honestly, use...
Forum - feedback needed
I agree with the majority... don't do it!! I did sign up for Dropship Designs eBay program, so that I could get access to their product list of over 350,000 items. That way I was only out $99.00...
i'm a worthless idiot
Listen my friend... one of the best kept secrets I have used for selling stuff on eBay is this, it is so obvious it really doesn't make sense. I walk retail stores like Target, and Meijer (they are...
Fleamarketing of Jimmy's Products - Info & Opinions?
I rent booth space at a local flee market here in Michigan. One of the other people that posted here is exactly right. People go to flee markets to buy cheap stuff. Everyone is looking for a deal. ...



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