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LED Emergency Lights - Dash strobes ECT
HI Im looking for a supplier of Emergency LED vehicle lights. Dash Strobes roof bars ect. Looking for them in red and blue and orange. We are an Australian company. Any hints? Ive looked and cant...
Australian closeout/liquidation site?
when you find one tell me...
Serious Aussie buyers wanted for teaming up to buy in bulk!
HI Sounds like a great idea. I was just wondering and sorry if I missed it , but how do we all get our goods. Will a company like Sony do a bulk order then break it up for shipment or would it all...
Australia taxes and licenses?
HI I may be able to help a little. Im in AU and sell on Ebay so I will share the limited knowledge I have. First: You need to establish wether the ATO is going to classs your 'business' as a hobby...
Anybody know of Liquidators in NSW and or decent auctions
HI I am looking for suppliers of liquidated stock in Australia - Preferably NSW and also any decent auctions that happen around Sydney. I know of a couple at Kingswood and Windsor but not many...
PayPal ClawBacks
I just couldnt resist my two cents worth. Paypal suck as far as I am concerned. I had my account hacked by a third party ( secure... yeh right ) and becuase I had no money in my bank account at the...
How much are eBay fees for Power sellers or store owners?
and there is no criteria to meet. Also takes Ebay advise cause I asked about the differance between $15pm store and one up from it and was told most peope just have the $15pm and thats really all you...



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