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Adult toy store
Hi, Natasha. From Mark's excellent advice, I would add the free and powerful marketing benefits of the Social Media platform. Take advantage of the free pages, and ask your friend, and friends'...
What products can be marketed on a private website?
Hi, Tina. Should you insist on using your private website, I would recommend using the social media platform to generate traffic to your website. It is free, and essentially easy to navigate through....
New member needing help on what to sell
Hi, Ody. Mark is absolutely correct that this is one hard question to answer, but putting my two cents in, basing on current state of online selling with effects from Social Media. Social Media plays...
How to build good eBay feedback?
Hi, kachampong, Another tip I can add is customer personal level service. I notice even if an item is late in shipping, as long as I communicate consistently with my customers, and making them...
Where to sell in the USA
Hi! I would personally recommend Shopify and Etsy-- I use them and they generate a fairly good amount of customers.
Looking for other places to sell my products except eBay
I would personally recommend Shopify and Etsy-- both sites is generating a lot of on line buzz for online sellers. Good luck!
What's the right reselling price percentage?
Hi! Pricing merchandise will be one of the most important decisions , since it directly affects our profit. The challenge is to find a reasonable profit margin and taking into account whether it would...



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