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Seller ausnetauctions on eBay - Beware!
What did you expect? You sent the camera back after the warranty period. Your seller is not obligated to help you at all. Why didn't you try to get it repaired locally? I would laugh hysterically at...
Human hair supplier needed
I think your best bet would be to advertise locally. Advertise that you pay cash to women willing to cut their hair. Remeber that women are naturally emotionally attatched to their hair and offer a...
Forum - are their designer purses original?
I have read on other forums that a lot of 'designer' loads from comes from PayPal. Lets say you sell a purse to a buyer and they claim it is counterfiet. Ebay and PayPal have the...
Don't do it! Moneybookers is a direct transfer. PayPal offers no protection outside of Ebay either! Sounds very shady
Has anyone heard of Buckswholesale?
Has anyone heard of Buckswholesale? They are supposedly located outside of Atlanta.
item pulled on ebay
Good luck in getting a response from Ebay. Some one had to have reported you in order for Ebay to pull your ad. This could even be a competitor, especially in a saturated market. I got an ad pulled...
The secret on how works
I learned a lot! Thank you!



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