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Novatech Wholesale - prices too high for resellers
Been a long time since I posted to SaleHoo. Hey Fudjj! One thing a new seller has to realize is they are competing with big money on eBay and the power of volume. Just as an example, major food...
Using eBay to source products
AS usual, another good post by Fudjj.
Optimize ebay listings and land in the first couple of pages on ebay
Put it up. It can't hurt. EBay uses certain algorithms based on how much an item is viewed, selling history etc... I know there are people that work the system but just let things happen unless you...
SaleHoo membership - is it worth it?
That's pretty common. Work on selling low priced items. Even stuff you might lose a couple of dollars on. Just get a selling record and get some feedback. You have to look at it from the buyers...
Forum - have you heard of them?
@Planes It's been a while since I last saw you on the forum, hope everything's fine :) Just wondering if you have actually tried their services? I'm just curious... @lessen10: They seem quite...
How to Resolve PayPal Payment Holds in 2018
EBay and Paypal don't want small sellers on eBay. And if you are going to sell on eBay they are going to make it a steep learning curve. Donahue stated at one point that eBay looked like a big garage...
Avoiding the Nightmare of Account Takeovers: It's more common than you think!
One part that bothers me in this post is indicating that Paypal is a bank. They are not a bank and are not governed by rules associated with banks. Further, funds in Paypal are not insured by the...
How to Receive More Positive Feedback from Buyers on eBay
Wonderful stuff. Sometimes asking for feedback can get tricky. If one is selling through drop ship channels, one might be wary asking for feedback. Here is why. If the drop ship shipping time is...



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