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TV Series DVD's
Asian Source? Looking into buying some Bootleg Dvds? A quick way to get neg feedbacks there.
Scam On Ebay - Sellers Be Careful
The best tip is never answer any emails from ebay or paypal . The same messages would come to your messages folder that you can access directly from ebay. And paypal sends messages directly through...
Help with selling goods on eBay
Welcome to salehoo: Basically your saying your interested in finding items that over 20 million other entrepenuers are interested in selling. These are items from a severly oversaturated selling...
Looking for Car Audio Products
I dont know of any off the top of my head but what you would be looking for is liquidators that sell by the pallet or truckload. Sometimes those suppliers get several pallets of Car Audio products
Has anyone dealt with MKEnterprise?
I don't see anywhere where they supposedly accept paypal payments. You'd think they would have that option on all their country sites.
Forum Good/Bad
Dropshipping is a very hard thing to do if your trying to start yourself out on ebay. My suggestion is to leave dropshipping alone unless you plan on selling that stuff on your own website.
Forum refunded money
55% Refund? That is very poor. But then again 45% of the payment you send them is usually the shipping charges they rip you off with.



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