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Payment worries
i just cant understand why he wont use paypal. is that other service free for buisness?
Forum -An Alternative to Trade Me for us Kiwis
Agreed, their costs are getting too high. This has the result of people asking too much for goods as they factor in these charges to their selling. Enjoy. :D Many people ask me to buy the mp4...
an xbox 360 for $160 USD To me this is fake, fake, fake, fake. AVOID LIKE THE PLAUGE. but what do i know, someone try it
Wholesale Blues
even the littleest profits are great. i however have been making 28 percent profit on the products i sell on trademe. and apparently i sell the cheapest mp4 players on trademe with buy nows. I...
Forum -An Alternative to Trade Me for us Kiwis
that sounds great, will be sure to browse it, although i will be more use to trademe, but their damn 5.5 percent fee is nuts.
trying to find a dropshipper who does sneakers such as Bapes
damn that site is ugly. i dont know much about shoes and what not, but always ask to make sure if they are authentic etc, unles it doesnt bother you...
Just found this website -
Just checked out the website, they have alot of very good products. would be keen to know if someone has bought from that site. and to know if its turstworthy



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