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I really enjoy being an entrepreneur and especially love helping others find a way to create value in the world. Check out my YouTube Channel for dropshipping tips including a live calls with wholesale supplier: http://www.youtube.com/SalehooReview


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Beginner drop-shipping
Hi Orry, If you feel more comfortable contacting suppliers by email at first, you can certainly do that. Keep in mind it's almost always better to contact them by phone if possible. But, there have...
Question about Nisbet's powerseller review
Hi jhmcivorinternational, I am the one who wrote the initial review and wanted to add a few additional thoughts for you: First, I would deal directly with Nikki who handles wholesale...
The Annual eBay Selling Event That’s More Profitable than Cyber Monday
What a GREAT post Alice! I admit, I've never actually tried this myself but I'm definitely going to be giving it a go this year!! Thanks for this FANTASTIC idea!!
Best Source of eBay Templates and Listing Services?
Hello! I was curious to get people's feedback on this... I've been trying a few out but haven't found anything that is a sure fire winner yet-- Auctiva - seems to work well but their templates...
Can't find a single item to sell profitably on eBay
REALLY enjoyed this post Erika-- thank you! LOVE the practical solutions you suggested. I'm thinking I need to give Terapeak a try!! Sounds like a "no-brainer!" :)) I'll have to...
Top 50 Products Selling on Amazon Right Now (Electronics Category)
You bet! I believe so... it's interesting b/c if you visit some of the products you'll see they are literally all out! No one has any to offer for purchase and yet these are the ones that people are...
Top 50 Products Selling on Amazon Right Now (Electronics Category)
Greetings! This was just sent to me via my Amazon sellers account and I thought some of you might find it useful or at least interesting! Amazon regularly reviews the products their customers...
Is there a way to track how many times a certain word is searched for on eBay?
Hello! Is there a way to track how many times a certain word or words is searched for on eBay? For instance if I found a great source for Excalibur Swords and want to know how many times people...



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