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Alternative Online Selling Platform Apart from eBay
you have a lot of market places. But ebay is one of the bigger. You have bonanza, ebid, different country sites too...like in Norway we got qxl.no. Same in denmark qxl.dk. Where u live?...
Everbuying.net - feedback needed
i have experience with focal price. The shipping takes forever and what i bought often had bad quality. But they have a wide range of goods. Steinar
Outrageous pricing from suppliers
Hi I know it is hard to find a supplier and make good profit. But they are out there. Even so if the supplier are more expensive than ebay as your example, and it depends where you want to sell it....
dvdboxsetwholesale.net - Supplier Review Needed
The company may have the site in Sweden, but the phone numbers are not to Sweden but China. And the contact info is to a Chinese address as well.
Eceelot.com - feedback needed
Hi, the prices are good. Steinar
Enroute $297.97 dropship fee?
HI I also paid one time fee with them, i am not going to pay $497.97 a year. Have send them an email and told them i no longer wan't be a customer at Enroute Global.
ECEELOT does not provide dropshipping service
Hi They do drop shipping within EU. If you live in Norway as an example. I have to order the products to me, then ship it myself to the rest of the world or inside non EU Countries. Steinar



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