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stay away from electronics esp ipods and game systems. stay away from returns and salvage cause they prob wont work but they are selling under the terms and in their right as they are sold as...
Best place to locate updated pallet loads?
Jimmys new lists seem to show on the forum long before the fact the links dont there a specific thread i can find them under. the last i could locate was my 27th. Im looking for...
A story of a failure
kids really sell on ebay. yeh i gotta say this smells very fake! sorry if its true tho! if you have 3 grand of stuff and in a bind sell it off on and consider it lesson learned
Xbox 360 *Returned*
read the fine print..sold as is, no warrenties to working condition. selling electronics on is a joy buying could give u heart failure! only thing that would imply working is a shelf...
Awesome looking website. unfortunatly good web design doesnt necc. equal a great wholesaler! Do we all remember netdropshipper!
eBay Store..Is it Worth It?
google it. simple software to download. takes 5 min to upload your products.
Anyone know where to get bloomingdale loads..specifically looking for the higher end ellie tahari suits (not the 320 and under ones) and st john suits



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