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10pcs Brand NEW 3RD GEN 8 GB APPLE IPOD NANO $600
I have seen many sites that advertise PayPal or Credit Cards and will tell you when you try to order from them that their account is down and not working and you will have to use wire transfer.
WholesalerWholesaler - My experience with their promotion
I did receive my refund minus the restocking fee and actually in a timely manner. I figured that even with the restocking fee I still would do better than reselling them. Now I have my email set to...
Looking for College Textbook Supplier
You might try contacting Follet. They are a used book distributer and I think they sell wholesale also or at least in bulk. Our school district purchases many textbooks from them and they are very...
Resellers Agreement Form
They might mean a form from your state showing your tax exempt number and reason for tax exempt status. I live in Ohio and it is a simple form I can download that just has some basic information such...
Paypal fraud - warning!
You should probably change your password immediately if you tried to login from a link in that email. That link would have recorded your login details for the scammer. Hopefully they did not get that...
Winning Bidder Doesn't Want to Pay
When using Buyit Now or Fixed Price I have been including Immediate Payment Required option and that has help eliminate a lot or non payers. I also leave unpaid item disputes but do not leave...
Tips and tricks in buying pallets, trucks, bulk
Yea I got burned a couple of times with I wish they would have a rating system or feedback system for their sellers. I noticed that most of the lots at least the ones I look at seem...



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