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Great site about flea markets
I have been a flea market vendor for awhile now and have compiled what I have learned, supplied valuable resources and articles. I invite any people who love flea markets, shoppers or vendors, to come...
Forum - trojan virus when accessing them
Either my antivirus is horrible, or they fixed the problem... I am using Avast, so I hope it's not that. I always liked Avast. By the way, if the site is legit, and it looks good, thats some nice...
Home Goods - Wholesaler Needed
Thanks for the feedback. I looked at prideproducts they look ok, but I am nervous with the no name stuff. I will look at and hope their minimums are not too bad. Thanks again.
Tips on how to sell at a flea market, needed!
Thank you. Quick question off topic. Can I post my site here? It has information for people who do flea markets. I am still building it, but have two sections done already.
Tips on how to find a good supplier
This is why I put my items in plastic bins and do not transport them in boxes to my vending booths. lol I have been tempted to do this at flea markets, go around and check out other vendors boxes for...
my experience making some real money
I actually buy something on ebay that costs me .99 cents for 10 of them and I sell em at the flea market for 50 cents each. They sell like hot cakes. Oh PS - the shipping is free too, so my only cost...
SMC/ - feedback on joining them
I did SMC way back in their infancy and did ok with it. But the problem was they just infomercialed (new word) the hell out of it so just about 1 person per street in my town was a SMC member pushing...



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