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Motorola Phones!
Motorola L6 Unlocked Gsm Cell Phone $128.89 +S&H $10.90 Motorola L6 Unlocked Gsm Cell Phone $133.54 +S&H $10.90
Products For Sale • August 27, 2006
Netdropshipper.com - Be careful - Had problems with them
i've had a couple of items that said were new,but were refurbished and one wrong merchandise,other than that had no other problems,they refunded within a couple of days.
i have Motorola V3 Pink Mobile Phone Unlocked
List price: $499.99 Customer's Price: $208.00 Phone Includes: Pink V3 Razr Motorola Cellular Phone (Unlocked) Charger Be the very first one with Pink Motorola...
Products For Sale • July 08, 2006