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Authentic designer handbags & apparel - Dropshippers needed
@thegtz is an outlet that sells designer products. look for one nearest you. are also great but they are always out fast.
Authentic designer handbags & apparel - Dropshippers needed
I have sold so many handbags on ebay. to be honest you will find alot of so called wholesalers. the problem is that they can be very expensive . if they have it in stock it is gone before you can get...
Generating more website traffic
update. ********** after setting up your datafeed store. advertise using and follow up with just what I have been using. also go to youtube search for
Niche Blue Print
I think I read or received an email from james J Jones that it does not have uk suppliers. He has researched and found legit uk dropshippers. if you order through him. he is the owner of microniche...
Pandora beads & Jewelry
Pandora and Troll only sell to storefronts. already talked to them several times. the only way to break it into this market is to sell charms or bracelets that look like them for a lesser amount..
New Member looking to start an eBay Store - Advice please
I know this post is old but this applies to any new person starting... welcome and as stated before watch your back. everybody and their brother will try to sell you something. Ebay is soo hard right...
Luxury Magazzino - Do they provide authenticity paperwork?
I am going to their warehouse soon. I was supposed to go last week. they are in Va. about 15 miles from me. I will ask about the paper work as well.



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