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Find legitimate, low cost suppliers in the SaleHoo Supplier Directory

Find the perfect supplier in our database of vetted wholesalers, dropshippers and manufacturers. Get contact info, discover their product range and quality, review the level of customer service they provide, learn where and how they ship, and more.

Find exactly what you are looking for with our advanced filters

Need International shipping? Low minimum orders? Want a supplier who will dropship for you? Just tick a few boxes and SaleHoo will zero in one vendors who meet your exact requirements product and supplier you need.

After searching for hours on end I joined SaleHoo and BOOM, all the great suppliers at my fingertips. No nonsense, just great information.

Find suppliers you would normally miss and get Exclusive SaleHoo Member deals

Join SaleHoo to unlock special offers that are only available to our 137,000 members. Use this advantage to increase profit margins, reduce your upfront investment, and offer lower prices than your competition (without cutting into profits).

All the tools organise your suppliers from our comprehensive dashboard

You’re always just one click away from viewing your favourite suppliers from our dashboard. Attach notes to suppliers to remind you of next steps and what you like about each one. SaleHoo makes keeping on top of admin easy.

Read and Reply to suppliers with your own inbox

be notified the moment you’ve received a message or order update from your favourite suppliers. Search your message history to find and reply to important messages.

A lot of research has been done for you so that you can just make a quick call/email to start a relationship and know the supplier is trusted.


Be first to discover hot products

We track over 1.6 million products so that you can easily find niches that are profitable,
affordable, trending, and low in competition


Find products that actually sell

Use sell rate and competition data to discover popular products that need more sellers like you. Simply choose a product with low competition, multiple successful listings, and a sell rate close to 100% to get started.

I found a product that sells for 3 times what I paid for it. The best part is,when it sells, all I do is order it and have it shipped to my customers.

Focus on products you can afford

Slide the average price bar right and left to zone in on products you can comfortably afford to stock or dropship. With over 1.6 million products to choose from, you’ll save countless hours of searching by filtering out products you don’t want to invest in.

Save and compare product ideas

Save products that interest you and then view them in a table to compare each one by competition, sell rate, how many listings exist, average price, and whether it’s trending. This makes it easy to decide which products to sell and when.

Find suppliers of a product in one click

Click “Suppliers” under any product listing to find multiple suppliers in seconds. Zero in on the perfect suppliers by refining your search by geographical location, minimum order amount, international shipping options, whether they offer dropshipping, and more.


Make growing your online business easier

With unlimited support, dozens of step-by-step guides, and a community of 137,000 helpful
members, starting and growing your business is a snap.

Get unlimited one-on-one support through phone, email, live chat and Facebook

Find help whenever you need it. Whether you need help using the SaleHoo platform, choosing a product to sell, starting and running an online business, or something else entirely, our staff is eager to help you succeed.

Join an active forum with 137,000 members

Access a helpful online selling forum with over 60,000 posts. You’ll save hours and avoid costly mistakes by discovering selling tactics that work, staying ahead of online selling trends, and bouncing product and supplier ideas off your peers.

Access over 50 free online sales lessons

Get answers to your questions in 50 detailed guides and videos. You can learn more about selling on eBay and Amazon, dropshipping, starting your own store, importing and shipping, sourcing products, setting up your business, and avoiding scams — all for free and in one place.

Yep, you guys are truly, truly awesome. You offer above and beyond support and assistance and all for one low one-time fee per year. I'm still shocked sometimes when I think of all that I have gained from the experience and continue to receive from you. Well done!