SaleHoo vs. Spocket

SaleHoo to Spocket are two dropshipping tools which can be used for finding and easily importing products into your online store to dropship. While they share several features, there are some key differences between what each offers. The main difference is that SaleHoo offers a supplier directory alongside their dropship tool so you can identify manufacturers and wholesalers for your business, as well as dropshippers.

  SaleHoo Spocket
BBB Rating
4.5 “Excellent”
1.5 “Poor”
Dropship Tool    
Directory Tool    
100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back    


You may have heard of Oberlo, a popular dropshipping tool on the market, but this article introduces you to two of the other big players: SaleHoo and Spocket.

It can be daunting trying to choose the best platform to help you run your online store smoothly, especially when the options you’re comparing seem similar on the surface.

We completely understand. That’s why we’ve tried to make it easy for you by providing a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of these two platforms. This article can help you make the most informed decision about what platform might be right for you.

We have explored both to discover which offers the best features.

Some questions we used to guide our research were: Which platform offers the most functionality for dropshipping needs? Which platform provides the best customer support to their members? But overall, which platform is best: SaleHoo or Spocket?

Let’s get right into it then!


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General Overview

We have compiled a quick side-by-side comparison so that you can take a look at the key differences between SaleHoo and Spocket. While both products offer a dropship tool, only SaleHoo features a directory tool. There are also notable differences in the support and guarantees that are offered to customers.

General Overview SaleHoo Spocket
Founded 2005 2017
Indicative Customer Count 130,000+ 60,000+
BBB Rating 4.43 1.5
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
Dropship Tool    
Directory Tool    
24/7 Customer Service    
100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back    

SaleHoo and Spocket share features, but when diving in to see what exactly is offered by each of their products, you’ll find that they offer different value to their members. Which is best, depends on your needs. 

When comparing each dropship tool, we’ve looked at the features offered on the SaleHoo ‘Basic’ monthly plan and the Spocket ‘Starter’ plan. This is to give the fairest comparison and so  you can gain a better understanding of what exactly you are purchasing with each plan.


Dropship Tool

First up, we had a look at the features of each platform’s dropship tool. We have chosen to directly compare each platform’s ‘basic’ plan equivalent, as these tend to be the most popular plans selected by entrepreneurs who are starting out.

SaleHoo offers an easy automated product import process from AliExpress to your Shopify store. It is easy to set up, provided you have an AliExpress and Shopify account, and offers a one-click import method.

All the products available for import are already vetted by SaleHoo for quality so you won’t get stuck selling a shoddy product to your customers. Plus, you can filter by shipping times so your customers aren’t waiting forever for their purchases, an issue often encountered by dropshippers.

On both SaleHoo and Spocket you can easily change the price, variant, image, title, and description of each product when you list it on your store. Both dropship tools even allow you to organize your products through collections as well.

Additionally, both platforms follow strict vetting processes to ensure the quality of both suppliers and their products.


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How do SaleHoo and Spocket’s dropship tools differ then?

It mainly comes down to three things, which are

  1. The number of products that each basic plan allows you to import to your online store;
  2. The price of dropshipping products on each platform; and
  3. The customer guarantee offered by each company.

The SaleHoo Basic plan allows you to import up to 500 products into your online store, whereas the Spocket Starter plan allows you to import up to 25 products. In order to import the same amount of products as the SaleHoo Basic plan offers using Spocket, you would need to be on their ‘Empire’ plan ($99.99 USD per month) as their Pro plan ($49.99 USD per month), their next plan up, only allows you to import up to 250 products.

Comparatively, the SaleHoo basic plan is $27.00 per month. Having the option to import up to 500 items to your store gives you more room for error. For example, you can test the popularity of various products and snip those that are underperforming. Being able to import up to 25 products may limit this ability and may slow down the speed in which you can find a product-market fit for various products.

As one reviewer on said, “Spocket only offers 25 products for its basic plan, which might not be enough for most starters to showcase on their website.”

SaleHoo’s dropship tool features a wide range of suppliers so that product prices are competitive. “It's been stated by many other people looking to start their own home business in online and brick and mortar sales that the best place for a beginner or an advanced seller, looking for products to sell, is,” Curtis, a reviewer on Trustpilot stated, “And I for one agree.”

The majority of Spocket’s suppliers are based in the US or EU, which may help shipping times if your customers are from those locations, but may negatively affect profit margins. A reviewer on g2 said “The pricing, I believe it's a bit expensive.” Another reviewer on g2 said  “Everything is overpriced. You can find things cheaper on other platforms.” Guiseppe, in her Trustpilot review, mentioned that on Spocket “the products are not unique since they are all listed on Amazon. The strange thing is the price on Amazon are lower than the Buy Price (Selling Price) so no profit margin. Try to search each product on Amazon and you will find the prices are lower than your buying price.”

It is important to consider the customer protections offered by each platform so that you can feel confident that you aren’t losing money if you aren’t satisfied with what you are receiving.

SaleHoo has a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee to ensure that their members are entirely happy with their plan. With this policy, you are able to get a full refund within 60 days of purchasing if you are unhappy with any of their products. Spocket doesn’t currently offer a guarantee of this sort.

Dropship Tool Comparison SaleHoo Spocket
Plan Name Basic Starter
Price $27.00 USD /month $24.99 USD /month
Number of Users 1-2 1
Easy to set up    
Pricing Change    
Variant Change    
Image Selection    
Shipping Options Selection    
Title Change    
Product Organization    
Collection Creation    
Description Edit    
Vetted Suppliers & Products    
Import 500 Products    
24/7 Personalised Customer Service (Email and Chat)    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee of Your Money Back    

Below are current screenshots of both the SaleHoo Dropship tool and the Spocket Dropship tool. As you can see, both are quite similar in what they offer but like we mentioned, with SaleHoo, you can import up to 500 products on their Basic plan, while on the Spocket Starter plan you can import up to 25 products.

Screenshots of SaleHoo
Screenshots of Spocket
Directory Tool

SaleHoo offers an extensive directory of 8,000+ vetted suppliers from across the globe to help you identify suitable suppliers of the products you want to sell. These suppliers must meet strict requirements in order to be listed in the directory.

This tool can be particularly useful for sellers who may wish to do more than dropship with their online store, such as finding a wholesale supplier or manufacturer or choosing one exclusive supplier to work with to dropship all your products.

For example, if you want to open an activewear online store then you might wish to use the SaleHoo directory to find the best supplier who can manufacture your own custom designs, instead of just dropshipping existing activewear pieces. Of course, you can also choose to dropship or wholesale activewear pieces too.

Spocket does not have an equivalent directory product. Spocket members have access to a product catalog, but there is no way to search or contact the supplier to negotiate prices. You are required to dropship every product in their catalog at the price that they set. 

The SaleHoo Directory is highly refined and has evolved significantly since it was launched in 2005 and used by hundreds of thousands of online business owners. You can find suppliers that are dropshippers, wholesalers, liquidators, or manufacturers which gives you flexibility to develop your online store in a range of ways:

  • You can find wholesale suppliers to send you inventory at a steeper discount than dropshipping suppliers, which you can then distribute to customers yourself.
  • You can use manufacturers to produce your own custom products to sell.
  • You can use liquidations to buy trusted brand products that people already love, at steep discounts, to then resell.
Screenshots of Directory Tool

The SaleHoo directory allows you to filter by location, minimum order quantity and by shipping locations. The Directory has been a long-time favorite for all types of online sellers from newbies to veterans. A reviewer, CVerdon, on the Better Business Bureau site mentioned that “Saleshoo is by far the best research tool and supplier directory available online.”

Another customer, Martin, in his Trustpilot review said the SaleHoo directory features “an enormous amount of wholesalers with quality products from all over the world. They even advised on how to approach the wholesalers. It gave me all the confidence and tools to initiate first contact in a professional way.”

Additionally, SaleHoo has a powerful market research tool, SaleHoo Labs, so you can explore and discover eCommerce trends and their associated trending products.

Directory Tool SaleHoo Spocket
8,000+ Vetted Suppliers    
Location Filter    
100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back    


When comparing the plan prices of SaleHoo vs Spocket, it is important to take into consideration the features you get with each plan.

On the SaleHoo Basic plan ($27 USD per month) you can import up to 500 products into your store, whereas you can only import up to 25 products on the equivalent Spocket Starter plan ($24.99 USD per month). The SaleHoo Basic plan also allows you to have 2 users, whereas the Spocket Starter plan allows you to only have 1 user.

Spocket offers two higher monthly pricing plans, the Pro plan ($49.99 USD per month) and the Empire plan ($99.99 USD per month). You can import up to 250 products into your store on the Pro plan and up to 10,000 on the Empire plan.

There are differences between the level of customer service offered for each plan, where customers on higher priced plans receive better customer support options. This is in contrast to SaleHoo, which provides responsive and personalised 24/7 customer care to all their customers no matter which plan they’re on.

Price - Spocket Trustpilot Reviews

Fast, personalized customer service is key especially when dealing with price renewals. Brook, in her review on TrustPilot mentions that she forgot to cancel her unwanted Spocket plan before the end of her trial and was charged $70 USD, “I immediately contacted Spocket explaining my error, to which they responded - verbatim ‘we are not approved to give refunds due to an unused subscription. Spocket reserves the right to adhere to our no-refund policy on subscriptions.’”

Another customer on Trustpilot, Sarah, mentioned that “Spocket has charged me 495 usd after cancelling their trial, without me ever using their service. They refused to refund this amount due to their ‘no-refund policy’”. Further, there have been reviews, such as Irina’s review on Trustpilot where she says “They charged my account twice. . .After endless chat conversations, they informed me that actually the annual plan does not come with 14 days trial and it is not refundable.”

Price - SaleHoo Trustpilot Reviews

SaleHoo will only charge customers once they have explicitly signed up to a plan and they are entitled to a full refund for 60 days after purchase if they are unhappy with it.

Carmencita, said on her SaleHoo Trustpilot review, “I bought a plan but realized it wasn't for my business. I asked for my money back and it was no hassle at all. Hats off to all fantastic people working here. Never leave you hanging even with a simple inquiry. One of the best customer service I have encountered. Well done!!”

SaleHoo’s Directory product, which there is no Spocket equivalent for, offers a flat fee of $67 USD for a whole year or a lifetime fee of $127 USD. If you’re unhappy with any of these products, they offer you a full refund within 60 days of purchasing, as covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  SaleHoo Spocket
Dropship Montly Price $27.00 or $97.00 $24.99, $49.99 or $99.99
Directory Annual Price $67 Does Not Have Feature
Directory Lifetime Price $127 Does Not Have Feature

Customer Service

Quality customer service is extremely important if you want to maximize your experience using a dropshipping platform and fully realize all the benefits it might offer - usually platforms such as these have more features than you might be aware of.

This is why it is so useful to have responsive customer support available that makes an effort to provide you with the best possible help and guidance to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of your membership. In return, this can minimize your stress significantly as a business owner.

We searched the internet to gain an understanding of the level of customer care provided by SaleHoo and Spocket, respectively. We identified some differences in the quality and promptness of the customer service provided by each of the two companies, as reviewed by each of their customers.

SaleHoo offers 24/7 chat and email support, which many customers consider well monitored. SaleHoo frequently receives positive comments about their customer service, many of which can be found on their Trustpilot page.

Customer Service - SaleHoo Trustpilot Reviews 

Katherine, in one such review on Trustpilot said, "I had a lot of questions before signing up. The chat with John was awesome. He worked really hard for me. I asked a lot of questions and he gave me really thorough and prompt responses. Great customer service!”

In another Trustpilot review, Marcia said “Excellent service and prompt responses! I love how I was guided through my setup and all my queries were met with clear, concise responses that were given promptly.”

Another SaleHoo customer, CVerdon, said on his Better Business Bureau review, “Saleshoo offers sales help and support that far exceeds other e-commerce support companies.”

Customer Service - Spocket Trustpilot Reviews 

Spocket offers personalised email support but not chat support to their Starter plan customers. One reviewer on g2 said that Spocket “have tons of customer service reps and none of them can help you immediately. Minimum 72 hours.”

Another Spocket customer, Jack, said in their Trustpilot review, “their ‘Customer Service’ consists of ignoring requests, shifting blame, avoiding questions and hoping that you'll stop chasing and the problem will magically go away.”

Customer Service SaleHoo Spocket
24/7 Customer Service    
Chat Support    
Email Support    
Telephone Support    
Fast Responses    

SaleHoo vs Spocket Trustpilot Reviews

Since both SaleHoo and Spocket are widely used in the dropshipping and online business world, there are a range of review platforms that feature aggregated ratings for each company. Below, we examine some of the reviews left for each company on these platforms.

SaleHoo has a rating of 4.43 on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site, a highly trusted rating platform. Spocket has a BBB rating of 1.5.

SaleHoo consistently receives five-star reviews on TrustPilot (91%). Customers frequently reference SaleHoo staff members who have left lasting impressions on them.

In her review on Trustpilot, Michelle said that “I have had several interactions with SaleHoo over the past 6 months and each time my questions have been answered very quickly and to my satisfaction. Their customer service is top-notch and they practice what they preach. It's refreshing to interact with a business who has the best interests of clients in mind.”

Spocket receives five-star reviews (81%) on Trustpilot, but less consistently than SaleHoo. While some reviews are positive, with praise for its easy-to-navigate dropshipping directory, there are notable one-star reviews.

In one such one star  review on Trustpilot, Tobias said that when he visited Spocket he was “instantly told to give a 5 star review when entering the site to get a free trial for it.”

Another reviewer on Trustpilot, Brook, said Spocket, “will offer you deals in exchange for reviews on this website before you have even used their product. This is why they have a 4.6 rating - do NOT believe it.”

In another Spocket review on g2, Rishi said, “they make a solid effort to flood review websites to ensure that there are at least 10 times as many 5 star reviews for every poor review. Look a bit further and you'll see that the positive reviews seem fake, don't have sufficient info in them, and often have broken English. I dare say, it's their own people or possibly even bots doing it.” Rishi concluded, “please don't be swayed by the landslide of positive reviews with insufficient detail. Have a look at the pain and detail presented in negative reviews.”

  SaleHoo Spocket
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Trustpilot Rating
4.8 “Excellent”
4.6 “Excellent”

Top Spocket Alternatives

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are lots of other dropshipping tools out there, since dropshipping as a business model has only increased in popularity in recent years. 

While we focused on SaleHoo and Spocket for this article, we invite you to check out some of the other options in the Related Articles section below.

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