SaleHoo vs. Terapeak

When you compare SaleHoo vs. Terapeak, you’ll see our tools go hand-in-hand.


Creating an eBay store is a jigsaw puzzle. You need all of these pieces:

We get asked a lot about the differences between SaleHoo vs. Terapeak: How do we differ, and which one should you use? The answer is that both of us offer very unique tools that, when combined, help you choose and source high-profit, low-competition items for your eBay store.

Let’s take a look at the differences between SaleHoo vs. Terapeak and how each of the different features we offer help you pick the best items for your eBay store:

You Need: To Identify which Products are High-Profit, Low-Competition (Terapeak)

Terapeak is a suite of tools that let you research and identify high-profit, low-competition items to sell on eBay. It does this by analyzing the past 365 days of previous eBay sales data/listings. Using the Terapeak Product Research tool, you can quickly figure out if a product will make you a lot of money (or if it’s a dud!):

  • Simply type in a product into the Product Research tool, and within seconds it will analyze up to 365 days worth of previous sales/listings to tell you if it’s a high-profit, low-competition item to sell.
  • Discover the average sell-through rate (use this to identify items that sell fast).
  • Discover how many bids on average each listing gets (the higher the ratio, the lower the seller competition!).
  • Discover what the average selling price is for the item (both new and second hand).
  • Plus lots of other great stats to help you identify the best products to sell in your eBay store.

You Need: Products to Sell in your eBay Store (SaleHoo)

Now that you’ve identified which are the high-profit, low-competition items to sell in your eBay store, you need to locate suppliers who will sell you those items. Here at SaleHoo, we make this super easy:

  • A membership to the SaleHoo Directory gets you access to our list of over 8,000 suppliers including dropshippers, wholesalers, manufacturers and liquidators.
  • Our advanced search functionality and filters lets you search for suppliers who sell the specific types of items you are looking for.
  • We’ve got suppliers located worldwide in our directory including the USA, Canada, the UK & Australia. It doesn’t matter where you are — you’ll find a supplier located near you (plus we’ve got a lot that offer international shipping too!).

Help Brainstorming Potential Items to Sell (Terapeak)

If you’re just starting out on eBay, you may not know what types of items to sell. Using the “Find” tool included in your Terapeak subscription, brainstorming has never been easier:

  • The Terapeak “Find” tool let’s you brainstorm potential products to research further using the Product Research tool.
  • Search for product ideas across all of eBay’s categories.
  • Narrow down your research by identifying products based on their total revenue or total items sold.

You Need: Training & Lessons to Help You Grow Your eBay Store (SaleHoo)

Growing your business is critical. With SaleHoo’s extensive range of training lessons, you’ll learn how to super-charge your eBay profits:

  • Get access to SaleHoo’s bonus 50 ecommerce training lessons included in your subscription.
  • Get beginner-to-advanced tips on choosing the right items to sell in your eBay store.
  • Get beginner-to-advanced tips on increasing sales and profit margins in your eBay store.

You Need: Competitor Research Tools to Help Improve Your Listings (Terapeak)

One of the best ways to improve your listings is to spy on your competitors and see what works for them, so that you can do it too! With the Competitor Research tool, analyzing your competitors is super easy:

  • At a glance, discover what items your competitors are successfully selling.
  • See what prices your competitors are successfully pricing their products at.
  • See what keywords your competitors are using (and which ones you’re missing out on!).

You Need: Personalized Help to Support You in Picking the Right Suppliers

At SaleHoo, we don’t just give you training lessons to help you grow your eBay store by picking the right items and suppliers… we provide personalized, 1-on-1 support!

  • Get FREE email support.
  • Get FREE phone support.
  • Our team will help you pick what to sell, give you suggestions on suppliers and answer any questions you have about contacting them.

Comparing SaleHoo vs. Terapeak: Allies, Not Rivals

When you compare the differences between SaleHoo vs. Terapeak it becomes very clear: Our products are allies, not rivals! Terapeak gives you the tools to research the top performing items to sell, and SaleHoo gives you the suppliers (and support) so you can buy those items at wholesale prices and resell them for profit.

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