"I finally found some spectacular vendors. Thank you SaleHoo!"

Bruce Kowkabany

About Little Green Dresses 
The fine folks at Little Green Dresses have been doing e-commerce for almost two decades now. With focus on green business practices, this eco-friendly shop calls Boulder, Colorado their home and are strong advocates of sustainable merchandise.

To provide clients and customers with high-quality goods, finding legitimate sellers of genuine and handcrafted products is their top priority.

The Challenge: Finding Real Dropshippers
“Our goal has always been to look for practical, innovative solutions to enhance a fashionable lifestyle that makes sense —sustainable, durable, and comfortable products,” said Bruce Kowkabany, COO of Little Green Dresses. “We wanted to work with global partners who adopt the same principles as us, including reducing waste, recycling when possible, and reusing sustainable, stylish products.”

However, Bruce struggled in reconciling Little Green Dresses’ business philosophy with suppliers when he had trouble finding real vendors.

“Before joining SaleHoo, we were deeply frustrated with fraudulent and poor performing drop shippers. Plus, we had difficulties finding a wide variety of goods. This resulted to poor automation of our product feeds and not meeting orders,”  Bruce recounted. 

“Looking back, we were looking for a trusted online resource that listed real dropshippers with legit reviews and ratings.”

The SaleHoo Solution: Real Dropshippers, On-Time Shipments, Boost in Amazon Ratings
“When we joined SaleHoo, we noticed that we were starting to find real dropshippers that also shipped on time!” Bruce said. 

As a result, Little Green Dresses started to take off too. “Our Amazon ratings also increased because of on-time shipments!”

Bruce also highly recommends SaleHoo to his family and peers. “It’s of those rare online resources where you’ll find a comprehensive list of real dropshippers with good performance.”




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