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Chris Fry

When I first stumbled upon salehoo.com, I thought, "oh another internet scam designed to take my money." I had an urge to make money and get started with my business, so I continued to research the web site to get more information. I liked what I heard, the website was very direct and not misleading, like so many other internet "business opportunities."

Before Salehoo.com, I used eBay, to sell old stuff of mine for extra cash, after Salehoo.com, I have a whole new perspective of eBay, I use eBay as a money making machine to sell the items I purchased from a vendor supplied to me by Salehoo.com. I use Salehoo.com as gasoline to fuel my money making machine. Since I discovered Salehoo.com I have been able to open my own eBay store and I have already tripled my investment and I do this less than part time, I still work full-time but the extra money I make from Salehoo.com turns my income from good to great.




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