"In a matter of 3 days I made my first real sale on eBay"

Lyndon Irvine

Hi, my name is Lyndon Irvine. I moved to Canada in 2002. I did not know a thing about computers! I learned to sign up for an email account by myself and struggled with that. But I found myself interested in learning to make money while my immigration papers were being processed, as I was not able to work in Canada legally until that was finalized.

So I stumbled across eBay one day while surfing the net, which was new to me.. So I tried to make money using eBay because I saw people were doing that from my observation. But that wasn’t successful at all. So I immediately gave that up, and when my papers were processed I took a job as a security officer and I was hoping to do that until I got something better.

But there’s a saying that “What is for you is for you”, so I came across SaleHoo and I saw that there were a lot of people that were achieving success – real success! – using this supplier directory. And all of a sudden it was like – bing! - a light bulb went off. That was what I needed, a place where I could find legitimate suppliers – not to mention the awesome tools that would help me spot the trends that were necessary for me to achieve success.

So, without hesitation I signed up for SaleHoo. It was extremely reasonable. And in a matter of 3 days I made my first real sale on eBay. And now I have a legitimate business – finally – thanks to SaleHoo and Marc. And I just want to say thanks guys for this great service. This was my missing link, right? This is the thing that I was missing – SaleHoo was what I was missing to become successful selling online and using eBay. And I don’t only use eBay now of course, I use other auction sites as well. But SaleHoo is the core for my business.

Your customer service is impeccable – I love your customer service. You request anything and you can get a warm, friendly reply from customer service at SaleHoo at any point in time. It’s impeccable. And the members’ forum is my lifeline. That’s where I go to find out stuff. That’s where I go to ask questions, and it’s a great place to be.

So thanks guys. You really made a huge difference in my life. I give SaleHoo two thumbs up and a big toe! I would give 2 big toes but I need one to stand on! Thanks.




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