"I've made over £300 in the last two months"

Jamie Hulley

If your not already a member of SaleHoo, I suggest you become one.  I have been a member of SaleHoo since January '07, and I have never looked back. To start off with, I confess its very confusing, just the great range of items that you have to pick from. SaleHoo helped me out in this confusing and stressful time.

They sent me such emails as "Stuck on what to sell?" and "Try these suppliers", which helped me to decide what to sell, and I'm very grateful for this, as I've made over £300 in the last two months. I highly recommend that you join today. I've had to do no late work to get this money, and its very easy to use auction site to sell the goods, as I am currently selling Lacoste t-shirts on eBay. I think its an excellent return on the $67 investment that I made.




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