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Regarding narrowing down what products to sell, finding trustworthy and reliable suppliers, and finding suppliers who were knowledgeable and open to working with an individual dropshipping business.
Amanda Weishar, USA

Dropshipping sounded so easy.
Until you started searching for products and suppliers.

Then you entered a world of scammy-feeling websites. And everyone has one. So you can’t tell the gold-class suppliers from the sharks.

Even on AliExpress you’re overwhelmed with:

  • Low-quality products (or, worse, counterfeit products)
  • Prices that leave you almost no profit margin
  • Unpredictable shipping times
  • Unreliable suppliers

Here’s the thing.

You don’t need to search for more suppliers. You just need to focus your search on suppliers you can actually trust.

Introducing SaleHoo Directory, THE place to find suppliers you can trust with your dropshipping business

Looking for a utopia of high-quality products and reputable suppliers? Join SaleHoo Directory. You’ll get instant access to an industry-leading market research tool and an enviable supplier list.

You’ll have the crucial product and supplier information you need in one place. All found, vetted and compiled by seasoned dropshippers who’ve been in the game since 2005 (that’s us!).

Sidestep the painstaking research. And quickly source in-demand products from trustworthy suppliers instead.

Market Research Labs

Discover hot, profitable products that no one’s selling yet (shhhh)

Source fast-selling products with our easy-yet-awesome market research tool. It’s packed with insider info on over 1.6 million high-quality products. So you’ll have a seriously unfair advantage over your competition. Market Research Labs will help you:

  • Choose high-quality branded products across hundreds of categories
  • Quickly find products with a high sell rate and low competition
  • Be the first to spot hot products with month-by-month sales trends
  • Easily save and compare products based on competition, sell rate, popularity, and average price

So you’ll know which high-profit products will sell fast. Before anyone else does.

Search hot products Search hot products

Find the perfect supplier to help grow your business

Effortlessly access a global network of trustworthy dropship and wholesale suppliers. So you can save hours of wasted research. And start selling faster. This easily searchable database will help you:

  • Quickly filter through 8,000+ suppliers with specific search criteria
  • Easily choose between domestic or international shipping
  • Discover trustworthy suppliers with low or no minimum orders
  • Safely negotiate the lowest price for your products
  • Keep track of favourite suppliers on the dashboard
  • Compare supplier details at a glance

So you can connect with suppliers that will help you build your business. Without the stress.

Find reliable suppliers Find reliable suppliers
One Click Import

Make a connection and start selling

Connect with a trusted supplier right from your dashboard. You’ll see the details of your favourite suppliers side-by-side. So you can easily compare stats like:

  • Low or no minimum orders
  • No application fees (70% of our suppliers waive these)
  • Product range and quality
  • Shipping options
  • Customer service reviews

Then simply choose the supplier that suits your business. And connect with a click.

Connect with a supplier Connect with a supplier
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Access ‘industry secret’ suppliers you won’t find on Google

Been wondering where the amazing suppliers are hiding? Here’s an industry secret. The best suppliers are so in demand they don’t have time to promote themselves.

We’ve spent years building relationships with these under-the-radar gems. So you can get the professional service and amazing deals that other sellers will never find.

Exclusive deals? SaleHoo members get ‘em

Want to increase your profit margin? Or offer lower prices?

Join SaleHoo Directory to get exclusive pricing and quantity deals from select suppliers. And get the edge over the competition.

Get a team that ‘go the extra mile’ to support your success

All successful entrepreneurs have help. You’ll have 24/7 support to help you get through the tricky bits and get on with building your business.

As a SaleHoo member you get:

  • Unlimited 1-1 support via phone, email, live chat and FaceBook
  • Access to over 50 free guides and training videos
  • A community forum full of peers and experts that understand dropshipping

So you can get unstuck. And get the support you need to grow your business.

Have a specific product in mind that you can’t find in the Directory?

Your team is here to help with the Supplier Finder service.

They can search a private file of soon-to-be-added Directory suppliers. They’ll help you source the product you are looking for. Then give you first access to the supplier you need.

Your dedicated support heroes
Honest experience with SaleHoo...Very very supportive. They literally do the digging around for you. Flick ‘em an email and see how far your money goes. You'll be surprised.
Marilyn Grayer

Done watching everyone else make money online while you’re STILL looking for a supplier you can trust?

Join SaleHoo Directory and get:

  • Market Research Labs, the industry-leading market research tool
  • Month-by-month sales trends so you can stay ahead of the competition
  • A supplier directory with over 8,000 vetted dropshipping and wholesale suppliers
  • Advanced filters to find your perfect supplier in record time
  • Access to ‘industry secret’ suppliers used by the pros
  • Exclusive pricing and quantity deals from select suppliers
  • Unlimited 1-1 support via phone, live chat, Facebook and email
  • Over 50 free guides and training videos
  • Personalised help to find the product or supplier you need

And a clear path to a successful online business.

A lot of research has been done for you so that you can just make a quick call/email to start a relationship and know the supplier is trusted.
Brandon Mineska, Houston USA

Our Hoo-mazing promise!

If you’re not completely happy with SaleHoo Directory within 60 days, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

That makes SaleHoo Directory ZERO risk for you.

Build a better business, build a better life

Want more freedom? More time with the ones you love? SaleHoo Directory helps you build an online business that supports your goals. And your lifestyle.

Choose your startup-friendly plan and get instant access to:

  • Your easy-to-use dashboard
  • Our industry-leading market research tool
  • The directory of over 8,000 trusted suppliers
  • One-click connect to dropship and wholesale suppliers
  • Unlimited 1-1 support
  • Over 50 guides and training videos
  • A community forum full of useful advice

So you can build a business that works for your life. And not the other way around.

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