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What’s new @SaleHoo?

New features designed to help you succeed

Supplier catalogs have landed!

The best way to hunt out niche products to sell online. It’s never been easier to browse wholesale priced products.

  • 300,000+ new products available, giving you plenty of choice and room to grow
  • Quickly filter by suppliers who have an approved catalog to get started
  • New catalogs are uploaded daily, making it easier to identify niche products
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Practical tools for contacting suppliers

  • Effortlessly add catalog products to your inquiry with just one click for fast responses and accurate pricing
  • All new message templates are available and are customized according to your location
  • Instantly identify the preferred contact method of any supplier in the directory so you’ll always know the best way of contacting them
  • Become more professional by creating your own business signature inside SaleHoo
  • It’s now easy to see the last message you received from any supplier, directly on their listing page. This saves you time when replying to suppliers
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New suppliers delivered to your doorstep

Jump on exciting new suppliers we’ve recently added and view our favourite trending suppliers - guaranteed to give excellent service and draw-dropping prices!

  • Instantly find fresh new suppliers, straight from within the directory
  • New insight into our top performing suppliers, certain to give you results!
  • 210 approved suppliers added in the last 3 months
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Read, write and manage all your supplier inquiries and messages at once

We’ve built an entire facebook-styled SaleHoo messaging system to make keeping track of all your messages, emails and suppliers a piece of cake

  • It’s now fast and simple to view all your messaging history on one screen
  • Privately message other members from the forum and share suppliers and selling tips
  • Can’t access your email at work? Don’t worry, we’ve got a copy of all your SaleHoo emails within our app, available 24/7
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Exciting new suppliers and products to match
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Under the hood

  • Reminder notifications – Haven’t received a reply from a supplier? We’ll automatically follow-up with any supplier on your behalf, meaning faster response times
  • Security improvements – Your personal information is in the safest of hands. Our systems are now stronger and more secure than ever before
  • Search upgrades – We’ve made big improvements to our search. It’s now easier and faster to find suitable suppliers on SaleHoo
  • Search history – We automatically remember your last search, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off

Other exciting features are just around the corner


SaleHoo Labs is about to make “starting out” much easier

  • Loads more product ideas churned out daily. The best way to keep an eye on what's hot
  • Useful tools to help you pick & choose best sellers from eBay & Amazon
  • Sort functions to help you order lab products based on your preferences
  • Discover niches early by analyzing cutting edge product statistics exclusive to SaleHoo customers
  • Upgrades to our supplier matching tool making it easier for members to find suppliers with similar products for sale

Recommended suppliers for you

  • Discover recommended suppliers based on your preferences and search history
  • We'll automatically send you an email with the details of all recommended suppliers
  • We only recommend suppliers with the very best pricing and customer service

Save time and money, start sourcing today!

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