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Access trusted suppliers faster and make profitable
sales easier with the new SaleHoo

A new, easier way to navigate through the website

Accessing all the important areas is now easier than ever. Get to where you want to go faster.

Access suppliers where you want, when you want

Now you can use everything SaleHoo has to offer while you are on the go! SaleHoo has been fully
optimized for your smartphone or tablet, making your experience smooth and effortless.

Find trusted suppliers faster

We have dramatically improved our Directory search so that you can find the right suppliers
fast and start making proftiable sales sooner.

Make more profit selling products people want

Our Market Research Lab has been improved so that you can understand results faster and
easily compare multiple products (and find the most profitable ones!)

Discover the tricks of the trade and gain an advantage over your competitors!

Our Seller Training Center has been improved to help you boost your knowlegde and discover
PowerSeller techniques that make profitable sales come easy

Find everything in one convenient place with our new dashboards

The new SaleHoo gives everyone a dashboard that gives you a central launchpad to access everything you
need when you logon to SaleHoo.