Introducing SaleHoo 2.0 - loaded with
features you will love

Exciting new upgrades to help your business - at no extra cost


Everything you need in one place

Manage your suppliers, products, online training, recent activity and more

  • One click access to favorite suppliers
  • Browse your saved product ideas
  • Receive and reply to supplier messages
  • Track learning & training progress

Slice and dice through 8,000 suppliers

Enjoy faster searching, keyword recognition and advanced search filters

  • Filters work immediately - no page refresh required
  • Preview supplier websites within the directory
  • Search filters automatically set from previous visit
  • Trending suppliers and top suppliers added each week
Search suggestions

Discover top search ideas, faster

Our search crawls through 11.6 million items, suggesting the top products and brands

  • Guaranteed supplier results when using search suggestions
  • Quickly search suppliers by name
  • Instant spell check
Supplier chat

Chat with suppliers in real time

No need to fill out contact forms, supplier chat just made dealing with suppliers much easier

  • Works just like facebook chat
  • Chat with multiple suppliers, anytime
  • Quickly access your full chat history
  • Open supplier chat from multiple locations
Market Research Lab

Discover in-demand, niche products and potential suppliers all at once

Top selling product ideas from eBay, Amazon and AliExpress, updated daily

  • Lab products matched with potential suppliers
  • Discover profitable products with high sell rates
  • Spot seasonal trends ahead of time
  • Receive daily emails with fresh product ideas
Compare Products

Easily decide between shortlisted product ideas

Quickly compare multiple products side-by-side, helping you pick the right ones

  • Compare up to 4 products at once
  • Find out how much identical products have recently sold for
  • Latest sales data, updated daily
Product Trends

Product trends, identified by our research team

We crunch the numbers exclusively for SaleHoo customers and reveal the hottest product trends going around

  • Manually curated by real people
  • View niche trends before they become mainstream
  • New trends added each week

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