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How to find products to dropship that actually sell

By on Monday November 11

How to find Products to Dropship that Actually Sell Figuring out what products to dropship is a daunting task. However, it’s a quite important ingredient to your success and a significant stage to go through. In fact, your dropshipping products will be the reason your customers shop and purchase from you.  If you use eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. for dropshipping, you...

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Selling Perfume Online: Can You Still Make Money in the Fragrance Market?

By on Thursday November 7

Everyone likes to smell good, but does that mean selling perfume online is still viable? We put the perfume industry to the test in our market research lab. See what the data says before you dive into this popular niche.

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30 of the Best Low Cost, High Profit Products

By on Thursday October 10

“Margin” is the difference between the wholesale cost of an item and the price your store sells it for (which, in turn, pays for all your business’s expenses). Essentially, your profit margin is like the emperor for your eCommerce store. Higher margins allow your business to be profitable. Smaller margins make you crash and burn. Think about it like this: You can’t run an empire with a weak ruler. But you can’t mark up your products without paying attention...

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eBay Dropshipping: 8 Tips for Guaranteed Success! [w/ Case Study]

eBay is a great platform for dropshipping in particular because it makes no distinctions between dropshippers and regular retailers. Dropshippers never lose out on privileges accorded to retailers; as long as an item is listed, it doesn't matter to eBay if the seller has the item on hand or not. However, there are unique challenges that dropshippers face on auction sites like eBay, especially if you are just starting your own dropshipping business. Today we're talking about some of those...

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Sell Car Seats Online: High Profit Potential in Baby Gear Market

Parents will do anything for the safety of their children. According to AAA, "Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death and injury for all children". From baby's first trip home, you'll realize that car seats are one of the most essential baby gears for securing a baby while on the road. Car seats are even a hot commodity in the SaleHoo Labs, appearing several times in the Baby section. The Labs help us discover the feasibility of selling car seats through its demand,...

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Sell Essential Oils Online: A Natural Products Niche With Low Competition

Essential oils have their place in our homes just the same as cooking oils do, but you don't ever want to make the mistake of confusing them! Essential oils are are extracted from the leaves, roots, bark and flowers of all kinds plants. The oils contains the aroma and properties of the plant it was extracted from. Most essential oils have antibacterial, anti-fungal, or antiviral properties, so they make an excellent addition to your stock of natural remedies and even cleaning agents.

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Microwave Ovens: A 'Hot' Homeware Product for Online Sellers

Look around most households these days and chances are, you will see a microwave! Microwaves are a basic necessity almost all kitchens should have. Whether you’re in a rush (heat up those leftovers, please!) or not in the mood for preparing food, this kitchen appliance saves time and energy in cooking meals. But of course, not all microwaves survive a lifetime and these little helpers need to be replaced, too! The hype of kitchen remodeling or acquiring a new place calls for the need...

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Selling Smartwatches Online: High Profit Potential and Solid Sell Rates in Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has become an integral part of everyday life in recent years. The most notable example is the smartwatch, which allows users to manage their communication, fitness tracking, and entertainment tools and applications on a device that's literally attached to their body. With constant innovation from tech giants, you can expect the demand for wearable gadgets to grow rapidly in the coming years, meaning there will be plenty of potential for savvy sellers to make money in this...

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Baby Activity Gyms: A Hot-Selling Product in a Low-Competition Market

It seems that another baby product shows tremendous appearance in the Labs! While there are lots of suggested product ideas, I immediately took notice on the different kinds of baby activity gyms that are flooding under the "Baby" category. It is said that a child's capacity to learn and grow is never-ending, and it starts from the moment they are born. With baby activity gyms, it helps develop a baby's cognitive, and sensory awareness through colors, sounds, and textures. And with its...

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