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Microsoft Office Shows Remarkable Sell Rates

By on Monday August 28

If you’re a student or work with admin tasks, you might wonder, what worth is a computer without Microsoft Office? Microsoft Office consists of very useful programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. There are many alternative programs that can serve as substitutes for Microsoft Office, but with its security and key commercial productivity demands, some surveys prove Microsoft Office to still be the most effective.

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Vinyl Records Make a Comeback with Increasing Sales

With the popularity of online streaming services these days, you may think that vinyl records are now passé, but think again! This old-school audio format has since made its comeback and has continued to gain momentum over the past decade.

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The Ultimate List of Dollar Store Suppliers

Finding suppliers with prices that are low enough that you can actually make a profit selling items for a dollar isn’t the easiest thing in the world… until now! We've already done the research for you, looking at the most promising suppliers in some of the most popular niches.

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34 Ideas for What to Sell This Fall/Winter Season

If you're like me, you'll find the fall season a bit of a bummer: Summer's over and the cooler weather is setting in. However, the fall season is an exciting one for retailers because the giant retail holidays are coming! Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are just around the corner.  Beyond that, the winter selling season is huge and 

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How to make your products look more expensive

One of my favorite places to shop is Bendon Lingerie. When you buy there, everything comes gorgeously wrapped in pastel pink tissue paper, and inside a shiny carry bag. It makes the Bendon brand more appealing and it makes me OK with the fact that I'm spending $89 on a single bra (TMI? Sorry!).  Anyway, when we buy online, sometimes the magic is removed: There's no carry bag and tissue paper and the glow of buying something new is dimmed a little.  I've got a...

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Diet Patch - Monday Market of the Week

With over 100 million dieters globally, the weight loss industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Did you know that at least $20 million is spent annually on various weight loss products? Now wouldn’t you say this is a good market to tap into? Using the SaleHoo Research Lab, we managed to find a weight loss product that is certainly worth selling – the diet patch. The diet patch, also know as weight loss patch, is a form of medication that releases herbal nutrients through the...

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Fragrance Oils - Monday Market of the Week

This week’s niche will definitely give you the sweet smell of success! Fragrance oils are extracts that come from plants, tress, and flowers as well as from artificial and synthetic scents. These are commonly used in home-scents, perfumes, soaps, candles and aromatherapy. Let’s check just how sweet the smell of success is using our very own SaleHoo Research Lab.

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Decals and Wall Decals - Monday Market of the Week

This week we are featuring two niche products - decals and walls decals.  A decal is a design that is printed on a medium that can be stuck or transferred to another surface. This easy transferability makes them a highly popular item. A wall decal is a specific type of decal used to decorate walls in homes and offices.

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Zippo Lighter - Monday Market of the Week

A few months back we featured ‘blue flame lighter’ as our niche. This week we found a more specific niche the ‘Zippo lighter’. How is the market demand for Zippo lighters?  Let’s check using our very own SaleHoo Research Lab if we have found a niche as promising as blue flame lighters.

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How to Find a Profitable Niche to Boost your Holiday Sales

Welcome to step one of our 5 Step Method for Mega Sales This Holiday Season. If you missed our intro to this series, check it out here. In this instalment of the 5 part series, I’ll show you how to find hot niche items that you can sell this holiday season and beyond! I’m also going to show you my very own list of 4 quick checks I run to test whether a product will be profitable to sell. I’ve never shared this formula before – it’s one I use in my own personal business ventures – so keep...

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