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Contributor Guidelines For SaleHoo Blog

SaleHoo guest posts are an opportunity to educate our readers on a broad range of topics and showcases their expertise. We are focussed on providing both immediate and long term benefits to our readers and we strongly believe that time worthy and actionable content is the way to their heart!

Guest posts that we’ve accepted so far, have also helped us a learn a great deal (we are selfish that way!)

If you’d like to send us a guest post, take a few minutes and glance through our guidelines.


  • To provide our readers with actionable tips and general (but well researched) strategies that will help them better their E-commerce business.
  • Provide advice that can be put into action immediately.
  • To provide unique perspective on topics that are oversaturated yet evolving.


  • SaleHoo audience comprises of individuals ready to explore the world of Ecommerce business and consists of eager learners, dropshipping enthusiasts, international sellers as well as savvy sellers.
  • An ideal guest post should be able to associate with the pain-points of either of the above mentioned persona/reader type and offers value for their time.


  • In-depth and concise post that follows a long-form content style. Our guest posts are 1,800- 2,500 words or more, provided they add value to the narration and are replete with examples, statistics, data points and images.
  • Well written and original content. With so much smartness around, we can do better than plagiarism!
  • We value posts that are not self-promotional in any manner. You can however give a link in your author bio.
  • Guest posts should cite any quotes, data, or third party content used.
  • The post should be well-formatted and checked for spelling errors and grammar. We have a special liking for stuff that has clear title, subheads and bold and noteworthy points.

We reserve the right to edit any guest posts as we see fit.

A few of our popular guest posts are listed below for a quick glance:

If your content checks all the boxes above, please feel free to share it via a Google doc with support@salehoo.com. Please enclose a short bio with a link to your website/social account along with your favorite headshot.

We would love to publish every guest post that comes our way, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible. If you don’t hear back from us in 7 days, please feel free to publish your post elsewhere.