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SaleHoo's 5th Birthday Bash

This week, SaleHoo celebrates its fifth birthday. For half a decade, we've been helping online sellers to business success. We've worked hard to build a network of 8,000 of the world's best legitimate suppliers and a knowledge bank of tips and training from online selling experts. But we couldn't have done it without you, our fabulous community of members!

As a thank you to the SaleHoo community, we are running two great promotions in April.

#1: Follow us on Twitter and get a free eBook

Twitter has taken the world by storm and is a great way for us to keep in touch with the SaleHoo community. You will find us tweeting tips, news and updates, keeping you in the loop with all the latest from the world of online selling.

If you are not already following us on Twitter, then you are missing out on a ton of hot product sourcing and selling tips. This month we are giving away a free eBook to all of our new Twitter followers!

The Book, What to Sell 2010, is normally only available to our Members and is packed with great advice on the best products to sell including:

  • How to find a lucrative market
  • Hot trends of 2010
  • Selling myths exploded

Get your FREE copy of this powerful book simply by clicking the link below and sharing it on your Twitter feed. Then make sure you are following SaleHoo in your Twitter account. You'll receive a DM (that's Direct Message Twitter speak) with a link to download the Book, within 12 hours after you begin following us.

Click here to share and get your FREE copy of 'What to Sell in 2010'
(Remeber to Follow us too!)

Read on for more ways to win as part of our birthday celebrations.

#2: Win a One-To-One with SaleHoo Community Manager Marc Ransom

Before coming on board at SaleHoo, Marc Ransom was a hugely successful online seller. Marc has made more than $100,000 selling on sites such as eBay, so what he doesn't know about online selling isn't worth knowing!

To celebrate SaleHoo's fifth birthday, Marc is giving one person the gift of his knowledge. The lucky winner will receive:

  • A one-to-one telephone discussion with Marc ($1500 value)
  • Free publicity on the SaleHoo website and blog, which receives hundreds of thousands of visits every month for your eBay store or website ($500 value)
  • A lifetime subscription to SaleHoo, Sky High Auctions and Auction Inspector ($1000 value)

It is impossible to put a value on this prize (well.... at least $3000!) - Marc will help you take your online business to the next level.

To enter the draw to win a One-To-One with SaleHoo Community Manager Marc Ransom, you must complete both actions below.

    1. Retweet this message on Twitter and then follow us.
    2. Link to the SaleHoo website (get code here) from your website/blog OR become a member of SaleHoo (join here)!

    The winner will be drawn on May 1st. Good luck!


Comments (85)

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Rick on 17:01 19 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo Thanks
AWODIYA OLA HAMMED on 17:48 20 Apr
bezzouh on 21:26 20 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo, And many more
cihat otman on 21:27 20 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo Thanks
bezzouh on 21:27 20 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo, And many more
Mathias on 21:39 20 Apr
Happy B'day Salehoo! (Member, retweeted). PS: How do I get the book? rocodoc2004(@)
Chrissy Ayers on 21:43 20 Apr
KIONGOZI on 21:45 20 Apr
Kevin Griboski on 21:47 20 Apr
Happy b-day SALEHOO from
KIONGOZI on 21:51 20 Apr
Paul on 22:04 20 Apr
Godblessu** Many-2 Happy Returns of the Day...!!!!
Simon Slade on 22:16 20 Apr
@Mathias It will be automatically sent to you in the next 12 hours via direct message on Twitter - keep an eye out!
Ishtiaq Nasim on 22:56 20 Apr
Retweeted your msg. Now where is my free ebook pls?
Simon Slade on 23:04 20 Apr
@Ishtiaq It will be automatically sent to you in the next 12 hours via direct message on Twitter - keep an eye out :)
uanditogether on 23:15 20 Apr
I am a little older and wish you a long period to grow older
Dan on 23:50 20 Apr
Happy Birthday anyhow, at least you're still in business. Don't have a cell phone or know what/how to twitter any more than I've figured out how to make any money on the internet. It's sure neat how all this new stuff comes up, but there's no instructions on what it is or how to use it.
walter on 23:58 20 Apr
felicidades SaleHoo. hay que seguir creciendo
Steve Bowers on 0:06 21 Apr
Happy Birthday. :-) retweeted message #1. On #1, I am already a member of Salehoo, and do not have website yet. Do I just need to retweet 2nd message to be eligible for giveaway #2?
Ocean State Wholesalers on 0:57 21 Apr
Salehoo Rookie Happy 5Th B-Day! Nice Service
ajac9999 on 1:32 21 Apr
Happy 5th Birthday Salehoo! And a big Thanks in advance for the book!! May the next 5 years bring more opportunities for success!
Aminuddin Siregar on 2:19 21 Apr
Happy birthday to the 5th to SaleHoo. Good luck always.
Currymad2 on 2:39 21 Apr
Happy 5th Birthday. May there be many more. All the Best. Tony
miguelbrasil on 2:55 21 Apr
muito bom, um site bom mesmo
KRISTOFA OKENTA on 3:11 21 Apr
Hi Happy Birthday, As it has been well with SaleHoo this 5 years so shall it be with all that are associated with SaleHoo. We shall all be lifted HURRAY.
mrfoofoo on 4:22 21 Apr
im now following you guys Happy b day!!!
Amna Ali on 4:40 21 Apr
Happy Birthday to you, hoping you more success and developmet in your business and hoping to all staff more love
Jimmy Mendoza on 4:49 21 Apr
I joined Sale Hoo over a year ago, but regret not taking advanvtage of it then. I have sold my first item on ebay recently, with a few hiccups, that I straightened out and look forwardo to selling more using my Sale Hoo membership. Happy 5th Birthday Sale Hoo!!!!!
Faisal Masood Awan on 4:51 21 Apr
Really Happy Birthday and many many returns of the day. I am happy to be the part of SaleHOO's . Wish to be with it forever.
elena on 5:28 21 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo to 5th Anniversary and all the best in the future
Happy birthday Salehoo this my first year with u :) also happy birthday to me
Alankar Sharma on 6:19 21 Apr
Happy Birthday to all Team Members to make this journey Smooth....
wayne on 7:30 21 Apr
hope to see a lot more to come congrats guys and girls
Indra on 8:03 21 Apr
happy birthday salehoo..!!!! I hope even more successful in the future
Abdul Awal on 8:19 21 Apr
Godblessu***** Happy 5th Birthday Salehoo, And many many moreeeeeeeee with success , prosperious..............
Muhammad Fazal on 10:23 21 Apr
Happy Birthday Salehoo, And many more
SERGIO SANCHEZ on 13:20 21 Apr
Feliz aniversario...espero que sigan adelante
Ivana on 14:34 21 Apr
Happy birthday SaleHoo TEAM And I wish you ,much more selling in this year!
eslyn smith on 15:14 21 Apr
Happy 5th Birthday SaleHoo. Wishing you all the best in your endeavour to succeed.
Lionel Harrold on 15:14 21 Apr
Congratulations and A Very Happy Birthday. Loking forward to the decade.
Daisy @ on 20:52 21 Apr
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Salehoo. Happy birthdat to you. Hope you have many more
Daisy @ on 22:19 21 Apr
Happy birthday to a great team. Hope you have lot more years
veryhappypets on 23:56 21 Apr
Happy Birthday. Hope we can continue an association.
ambreen naveed on 10:22 22 Apr
happy birthday ,may u have many more
AARON AVDELAS on 12:47 22 Apr
Happy, Happy, Happy ╬▒nd Happy Birthday with all worlds wishes
mimi on 20:44 22 Apr
how do i become a member?
Amar on 4:46 23 Apr
Many Happy Returns of the day. Am proud to a member of Salehoo. Thanks for and all the Best for serving as brilliantly.
laila on 9:19 23 Apr
Haaaapppppy Birthday Sale Hoo 4 ur 5th Birthday wishing u more successful years like the 1 before
Samuel on 9:54 25 Apr
Happy birthday to wor long life
wil bryan on 8:09 31 Aug
im new to this any tips how can i make money for my blog?
Tamer Melikoylu on 23:02 29 Jun
RT and followed need book now =)


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