Here Come the Profits: Wedding niches!

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Here come the profits: Wedding niches!

Did you know that the average cost of an American wedding is around US$30,000? And that Americans spend over US$50 billion on weddings each year? That's a lot of zeros! However, the average cost of a wedding has plummeted as a result of the recession, meaning that people are really pinching their pennies and looking for cheaper alternatives. The good news? People are turning to buying online to save money!

I love bringing our fabulous members fantastic new ideas on what to sell to make themselves some serious cash, and after a recent lunch with a friend who is planning a huge wedding for next summer, I was feeling inspired by the number of wedding-related selling opportunities there are out there!

Anyone who has planned a wedding will know the mountain of stuff you have to buy. It starts with a couple of rings and a dress, then once you get into the finer details, you need flower girl dresses, table centrepieces, flower archways, and wedding favours (that's when you give your guests a little something as thanks for attending your wedding - as if the free dinner and open bar wasn't enough!). So to help you on your way to online selling bliss, I've crunched the numbers and done the research and come up with the best of the best in wedding niches!

Flower Girl's Shoes

It just wouldn't be a wedding without a precious little lady tossing satin petals down the aisle, looking shyly at her audience and showing off her sweet miniature dress. Maybe that's why 7 out of 10 brides choose to have a flower girl (or flower girls) as part of their wedding party.

Why flower girl's shoes will make you money:

While flower girl dresses have become an oversaturated market on eBay, there is still plenty of room for flower girl's shoes to make you an online selling success. Best of all, they have a great selling success rate on eBay. Their impressive sell-through rate might have something to do with the fact that pageant moms will also be scouring the web for cheap shoes to complete their daughter's many costumes they need for pageant competitions, which means your market just got a whole lot wider so you can expect to make even more sales!

 Make sure you keep your listing duration as long as possible (10+ days being optimal) so that the bride or mother of the flower girl can decide if they will complement the outfit and fit well. Plus you need to think of all the bridezillas out there who are ultra particular and won't be ready to make a quick decision. Therefore giving them plenty of time to decide is always a good idea.

 ‘Just Married' Flip Flops

As cheesy as they might sound, couples tend to get all mushy around their wedding and these are great for the happy couple to wear at their next-day family barbeque or on their honeymoon. These are great for sellers new to product sourcing as they are cheap to buy per unit and light and durable for importing.  

Why they will make you money:

Even if the newlyweds don't buy these for themselves, a guest is sure to think they are the perfect gift. They're just what buyers need for increasingly popular island and destination weddings, making them ideal for guests who are attending a destination wedding where a more expensive gift isn't expected and baggage space means everything! These flip flops have a very high sell-through rate on eBay but currently aren't selling in huge volumes, which means there is a lot of potential here. With some well-executed marketing and perseverance, they could be another eBay cult-buy in no time!

💡 Hot Tip: Make sure you sell them as pairs, but are flexible with sizing. For example, instead of selling 2 pairs of medium sized flip flops, allow buyers to select what they need to suit the couple.

Wedding Cake Toppers

You know the ones; the miniature bride and groom who sit on top of the cake wearing mushy looks on their faces? They are big news on eBay and can bring you home a nice profit.

Why they will make you money:

Cake decorators and artists can charge a lot for these, so when brides find that they can get them cheaper online and take them directly to their cake decorator, the will come flocking! As with every item we have listed, wedding cake toppers are small enough to not require any storage space which can save you a lot of money in overheads and really increase your profit margins. Their small size also means they are cheap and hassle-free to ship out to buyers.

💡 Hot Tip: Next season's big colors for wedding party clothing, centrepieces and decor will be coral, tiffany blue and champagne for summer, and mocha, deep red, violet and teal for winter. Make sure you incorporate these colors into your range of wedding products as much as possible.

Disclaimer: The information published here is strictly for informational purposes. All above product items are only suggestions for possible products which will sell favorably, and should be used as a guide only. At the time of writing, all above products were researched using methods recommend by SaleHoo and found to be potentially profitable for sellers. All sellers are encouraged to conduct their own market and product research.


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  • Luke 31st of October
    No wedding would be complete without the fun and grace of having little girls dressed as flower girls leading you up the isle but as every bride knows it can also spoil a day if these little girls are not comfortable with what there are wearing. It is going to take time to ensure that everything is perfect for them and time is something that most brides don’t have.