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Banggood Wire transfer payment Problem
Dear Suppliers: I had being drop shippers for almost 6 months and until then I haven't faced any problem. So I decided to buy at bulk from them through wire transfer as mode of payment as I cannot use...
Forum - my feedback
Hello!! So finally I have decided to move from drop shipping to wholesale purchase from banggood as their products seems to be authentic and original.So I contact the wholesale agents many time and...
Forum's payment option for international transaction
Hello There!! Recently I have placed my order with value of USD 1943 including shipping cost. At first shipping cost was high but after consulting with the agents it was reduce and I am very grateful...
Banggood - any solution to their watermarked images?
Hello, I had been using Banggood as my dropshipper and they had being doing great with my business, but when it comes to uploading the products into my website through CSV files ,most of the products...
Forum - payment method issue using credit card
Hello!! I am really honor and doing great with my drop shipping business with Banggood as they really sell very genuine product at best price and also the great customer service. And moreover, I...
Banggood - no reply about shipping and inventory details
Hello Everybody: I am new to dropshipping business and almost ready to launch my own online retail store in my own country. But now at last moment, i am confused about adding shipping detail as i am...
Suppliers that don't guarantee their own products
thanks I am planning to sell in my own country "Bhutan" which is in between India in the south and China in the north. And moreover I am looking for someone advice and suggestion please.



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