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How much money do you keep in your Paypal account?
Im not asking for numbers, but just tring to get an idea of what is safe. With so many scams going on i dont want to have my account hack and lose it. But paypal does havea pretty good interest rate,...
Selling Lacoste shirts on eBay
Are you a new seller? Whats your feedback on eBay?
Problem with an order I received from DHgate
Thanks for the information bayericlowe, 3 Days after i received the package i received antoher with the rest of what i ordered. THe seller did not tell me they were coming in two different packages...
Problem with an order I received from DHgate
So I made an order with DHgate with a person who had over a 100 positive feedback, and I asked him before I ordered if the shirts I wanted were in stock. He said yes. I received my order and I am...
What happens if a buyer reports me to eBay?
Jimmy, How do you list your add as a picture?
Anyone interested in reselling software
Can you give any more info? Whats the start up cost, is it a legal supplier?
Come be part of our team !
So you make money from getting people to register on a site? I don’t really understand what you need other people’s money for. Is it to fund the site you have up now?



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