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4 Tips for Getting More Buyers Giving Positive Feedback

I took a quick scroll through my most recent feedback last night. This is something I do whenever I've had a tough day, or when I need a bit of uplifting (AKA ego-stroking). Why? Because I always get good feedback! And I just love reading through all the comments that buyers leave like "wish every trade could be like this!" and "will definitely buy from you again" (actually, those ones are always my favorites!). These lovely comments always give me a heart-warming feeling, and remind me to keep working hard to provide exceptional customer service.

So, because I like sharing with you guys so much (I'm a middle child - never had a choice), here are my top 4 tips on achieving and maintaining a perfect feedback score.

1.       Feedback 101: Get familiar with how eBay feedback works. The first thing you should know is that eBay requires buyers to rate you in four areas: item as described, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges. Buyers will rate you individually on each of these factors, so to achieve positive feedback, you need to excel at each of them.

2.       Buy from PowerSellers/Top Rated sellers every once and a while. I do this whenever I need to refresh my perspective on customer service, or get some new ideas on what to include in my emails to buyers. Top sellers always have flawless feedback, so why not learn from the masters?

3.       Communicate at every stage of the buying process. Many buyers feel anxious from the minute their money leaves their PayPal account or credit card, to the minute they receive their package. They are always ever-so-grateful when you can help eliminate their anxiety by keeping them up to date with the transaction: Email your buyer when you receive their payment and when you have shipped their item - and don't forget to tell them their tracking number so they can keep tabs themselves!

Hot Time Saver Tip: Keep a couple of email templates handy that you can quickly customize for each buyer. For example, you could have one which informs your buyer that their item has been sent and gives them their tracking number. You could have the main body of the email written up, and simply enter their name, the item they bought from you and their tracking number to customize the email for them.

4.       Work overtime to resolve issues with buyers. Yes, sometimes you do have to give in to diva demands, or to buyers who were expecting a top-shelf quality item that they paid $7 for, but they way I look at it, maintaining a good feedback score is an investment in your business.

I've read about eBay sellers selling their accounts with high feedback scores for top dollars, and while that is definitely not something I would encourage (and more importantly, it is forbidden by eBay), it really highlights the fact that an account with good feedback is highly valuable. And that's simply because you will sell more items, and get more bids when you have a solid feedback score!

What unexpected lengths do you go to to make sure your customers are satisfied?  


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I like to hand write a note to buyer on their packing slip thanking them for their purchase. I also ask them to leave positive feedback for me, as I have done for them, and add my first name to the note for a more personal touch. On eBay, fewer and fewer people are leaving feedback at all. Reply
The positive feedback is so very important. Last year I dealt with 6 negatives left at one time by a one single buyer! Customs in Spain held the package for nearly one month and he finally realized that there was nothing I could have done about it. He took back 5 of the negatives but eBay would not allow him to clear them all off! 5 is the limit...not fair, but it's their policy. So for now, I still have the one negative and it really did 'hurt my feelings'! I have worked hard at getting my online sales up but it has been a difficult climb, so I take great care with my customers. E-mails every step of the way and a final thank you note after feedback is left. Reply
Good and informative blog piece. Have a question though for anyone who care to answer. On many occasions my buyers don't leave feed back at all despite my sending them polite emails( don't send more than twice) requesting them to say a few kind words about me. How can I get those lazy, forgetful, uncaring buyers to leave feed backs for me? Can I bribe them saying if you are happy pls leave a +ve feed for me and I'll send you some bonus after you have done it and then do it if they leave the feed back? Allowed or not allowed? Reply
Thank you for visiting me on Salehoo community. I am happy to be in contact with you. But I forgot my password to log into the Salehoo. Can you help me? Reply
Site Admin
Hi Ishtiaq Nasim, I would stick to sending no more than 2 emails to encourage buyers to leave feedback. Remember that feedback is voluntary, buyers are not obligated to place it. However I understand that this can be a pain as building up a feedback score is important, and also, sometimes PayPal can hold funds until the buyer has paid. Perhaps you should revise the email you are sending your buyers? Make sure it is polite, and that it very briefly explains why you would like them to place feedback. As far as bribing your past buyers to place feedback goes, do NOT engage in this! Just as it is forbidden by eBay for buyers to bribe sellers by threatening to leave negative feedback, it is strictly prohibited for you to do the same. Buyer feedback is based on their experience in buying the item listed on eBay, nothing else. If a buyer offered me a bonus for me to place feedback, I would probably report them! Reply
Site Admin
@ Aminuddin Siregar, To retrieve your password, go to: http://www.salehoo.com/support/login-and-account-information/i-forgot-my-password Enter your membership details and your password will be emailed to you instantly :) Reply
I always go through your emails, it is always informative , I will make my mind to make some order. Thanks Best Regards. Reply
I have got your mails many time and fine excellent information. Reply
What a great resource! Reply
Full Member
The secret is to do whatever it takes to avoid bad feedback. I gave many full refund and work with buyers that left negative. There is a system in eBay that let you reverse feedback and in my experience 95% of buyers will reverse the feedback in the same days if you refund them or find way to resolve their issues. Reply
Full Member
Wonderful stuff. Sometimes asking for feedback can get tricky. If one is selling through drop ship channels, one might be wary asking for feedback. Here is why. If the drop ship shipping time is known to be long or if one is selling trinket type stuff, the buyer may not be thrilled with the item or neutral. This can also happen when selling vintage or brick a brack items. The buyer may not want to leave any feedback because even though they were not real happy with some part of the transaction they don't want to leave a negative or just don't want to leave anything or are just lazy about it. If one asks for the feedback from this type of transaction they may get a positive rating but get dinged on one of the DSRs. Just a little thought here. Reply
Nice content. Thank you for your information. Reply
Hi, I'm new to selling on eBay and find it extremely discouraging not to receive positive feedback when I have written polite notes all along the way. First I congratulate them on their winning bid via e-mail; then always take it to the Post Office the same date, unless it late in the night. One day I went 3 times as I didn't want anyone waiting. I include a personal note with the item saying I hope they are pleased with the item and new to Ebay welling and hope they will give me positive feedback and to please let me know if they are not satisfied. Then I followi up with an e-mail, after I know they have rec'd the item, asking if they are pleased and telling the buyer I sent them positive feedback and hope for theirs as well. What else can I do. It is extremely frustrating! Any more suggestions? What if I don't send their positive feedback, until I ask and receive theirs and can I tell the buyer that? Someone suggested buying small, cheap, things; i.e. recipes to build up Feedback. Would it be ok to ask the person ahead of time, if I pay quickly can I expect positive feedback? Thanks! I'm pulling my hair out and not sure Ebay is good for my Type A personality (ha-ha!) Reply
Site Admin
@Aquanut 46: For sure you are not the only one pulling the hair out - unfortunately buyers are not obliged to leave feedback, and no mater how often and nicely you have asked, they may or may not do what you asked. :( The best thing is to do is to move on, and keep on engaging your customer with your nice service. Soon you will have the feedback and you will have to continue to work on keeping them look nice.:) We wish you the best! Reply
Thanks for your encouragement Irene! What about the idea of buying recipes or cheap things and asking ahead of time for their positive feedback if they are happy with the transaction? I'm up to 8 now - yeah! Reply
Site Admin
@Aquanut46 Definitely, as long as you have the right attitude, I don' think positive ways will always be ignored. :) Reply
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What about offering few bucks instant free mobile recharge for positive feedback? is it good item. Reply
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