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Do I need a customs broker when importing?

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Andrea Maoro on 15:41 19 May
No customs broker when importing. Do yourself, put a cross in the L/C that P/L has to signed by yourself for inspection.
Mark on 0:03 23 May
What about buying in the USA and then organising shipping . Is my US mailbox worth it , or do you suggest another option
Richelle Monfort on 2:21 28 Jun
@Mark: Personally I think a US forwarding address will help you save on shipping costs especially if you will be buying plenty of different items from various suppliers. This will give you the chance to save on shipping costs by incorporating all your items into one (big) package! Here are other companies you might want to check out other than Cheers!
Richelle Monfort on 2:22 28 Jun
@Andrea: I'm sorry I can't quite understand your concern. Kindly clarify and I'll gladly help you out :)
kylie on 11:06 16 Sep
I'm importing from China to Australia, it's a small import of 50 boxes. Do you think I need a broker.
Irene Vallejo on 1:22 19 Sep
@kylie: For first time importers, Customs run training programs which you can attend. Get in touch with them at Customs Information and Support Centre: Ph: 1300 363 263 Email: Hope this helps!


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