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Recent blog comments and forum posts

Budget Tapestries - feedback needed
Hi Jacob! Haven't dealt with them personally but they've been with SaleHoo for over 11 years now: https://www.salehoo.com/suppliers/5b73a ... 51181732c9 . Let's wait for other members to provide...
eBay making major change to payment system
Change is inevitable. eBay’s decision to move from PayPal to Adyen promises an improved customer experience. Although eBay sellers have been accustomed to PayPal, in a few months time,...
Optional Plaza - review needed
I've checked out the site and they're not in our Directory. They've only been online for about 2 months still. Looks like they're just starting out for retail.
Cross selling to increase your profit
There are many ways to increase your sales. Either you find new customers or sell more to your existing ones, studies show that the latter often brings you higher ROI and is the simplest one to make....
Importing to Canada from USA
Hi Jojan, When dealing with wholesalers and manufacturers, one thing you agree upon is the responsibility of customs documentations and import duties before selling their items online. Some suppliers...
Exceptional customer service can lead to greater profits
Keep in mind that with online selling, the only way you communicate with your customers is either through email, phone, or through online chat. Providing exceptional customer service builds trust,...
Perfume Centre of America - feedback needed
Hi Pine Apple, This supplier is still fully verified by SaleHoo. You can read more about their products and services here: https://www.salehoo.com/suppliers/25cad ... 947c1eb0c7 Thank you! And how...



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